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This document covers various features of the 'dra7xx_evm' build and some
related uses.
eMMC boot partition use
It is possible, depending on SYSBOOT configuration to boot from the eMMC
boot partitions using (name depending on documentation referenced)
Alternative Boot operation mode or Boot Sequence Option 1/2. In this
example we load MLO and u-boot.img from the build into DDR and then use
'mmc bootbus' to set the required rate (see TRM) and 'mmc partconfig' to
set boot0 as the boot device.
U-Boot # setenv autoload no
U-Boot # usb start
U-Boot # dhcp
U-Boot # mmc dev 1 1
U-Boot # tftp ${loadaddr} dra7xx/MLO
U-Boot # mmc write ${loadaddr} 0 100
U-Boot # tftp ${loadaddr} dra7xx/u-boot.img
U-Boot # mmc write ${loadaddr} 300 400
U-Boot # mmc bootbus 1 2 0 2
U-Boot # mmc partconf 1 1 1 0
U-Boot # mmc rst-function 1 1