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This document lists the differenced between camerabin and camerabin2 from
the API point of view and should be used to help on porting applications
from camerabin to camerabin2.
* Setting the location for the captures:
camerabin requires that the path of the file to save the captures is set before
each capture. Camerabin2 allows the application to use a multifilesink-like
approach, the application can set a file with a '%d' marker, this marker
will be automatically replaced by a number and be autoincremented after each
The property is now called 'location' instead of 'filename'
* Capture signals
The signals were renamed from capture-start/stop to start/stop-capture as
this is the usual naming on actions.
Additionally, stop-capture is now async, the user should check 'idle' property
to be sure that it can shut camerabin2.
* image-done
In camerabin, image-done is a signal, in camerabin2, it is a bus message
* video recording encoder/muxer
In camerabin, video/audio encoder/muxer are selected by passing GstElements to
camerabin properties. In camerabin2, a GstEncodingProfile is passed as a
property and encodebin manages to instantiate the elements for the format.
* Previews
new "post-previews" property for enabling/disabling preview image posting
set location=NULL to skip writing image to file but to receive the preview,
useful for scenarios that wants the image in memory.
* Configuring resolution and framerate
Camerabin2 has new GstCaps type properties for configuring capture and
viewfinder formats: