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/* GStreamer
* Copyright (C) 2008-2009 Sebastian Dröge <>
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Library General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public
* License along with this library; if not, write to the
* Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor,
* Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
/* Definitions of the basic MXF types, excluding structural metadata */
#ifndef __MXF_TYPES_H__
#define __MXF_TYPES_H__
#include <gst/gst.h>
#include "mxful.h"
typedef struct {
guint8 u[16];
/* SMPTE 377M 3.2 */
typedef struct {
guint8 u[32];
/* SMPTE 377M 3.3 */
typedef struct {
gint16 year;
guint8 month;
guint8 day;
guint8 hour;
guint8 minute;
guint8 second;
guint16 msecond;
} MXFTimestamp;
/* SMPTE 377M 3.3 */
typedef struct {
guint16 major;
guint16 minor;
guint16 patch;
guint16 build;
guint16 release;
} MXFProductVersion;
/* SMPTE 377M 3.3 */
typedef struct {
gint32 n;
gint32 d;
} MXFFraction;
/* SMPTE 377M 8.3 */
typedef struct {
guint16 size;
guint8 *data;
gboolean g_slice; /* TRUE if data was allocated by GSlice */
} MXFLocalTag;
/* SMPTE 377M 11.1 */
typedef struct {
guint32 body_sid;
guint64 offset;
} MXFRandomIndexPackEntry;
typedef enum {
} MXFOperationalPattern;
typedef enum {
} MXFPartitionPackType;
/* SMPTE 377M 6.1, Table 1 and 2 */
typedef struct {
MXFPartitionPackType type;
gboolean closed;
gboolean complete;
guint16 major_version;
guint16 minor_version;
guint32 kag_size;
guint64 this_partition;
guint64 prev_partition;
guint64 footer_partition;
guint64 header_byte_count;
guint64 index_byte_count;
guint32 index_sid;
guint64 body_offset;
guint32 body_sid;
MXFUL operational_pattern;
guint32 n_essence_containers;
MXFUL *essence_containers;
} MXFPartitionPack;
/* SMPTE 377M 8.1 */
typedef struct {
guint64 offset;
GHashTable *mappings;
GHashTable *reverse_mappings;
guint16 next_free_tag;
} MXFPrimerPack;
/* SMPTE 377M 10.2.3 */
typedef struct {
gint8 pos_table_index;
guint8 slice;
guint32 element_delta;
} MXFDeltaEntry;
typedef struct {
gint8 temporal_offset;
gint8 key_frame_offset;
guint8 flags;
guint64 stream_offset;
guint32 *slice_offset;
MXFFraction *pos_table;
} MXFIndexEntry;
typedef struct {
MXFUUID instance_id;
MXFFraction index_edit_rate;
gint64 index_start_position;
gint64 index_duration;
guint32 edit_unit_byte_count;
guint32 index_sid;
guint32 body_sid;
guint8 slice_count;
guint8 pos_table_count;
guint32 n_delta_entries;
MXFDeltaEntry *delta_entries;
guint32 n_index_entries;
MXFIndexEntry *index_entries;
GHashTable *other_tags;
} MXFIndexTableSegment;
#define GST_TAG_MXF_UMID "mxf-umid"
#define GST_TAG_MXF_STRUCTURE "mxf-structure"
#define GST_TAG_MXF_DESCRIPTIVE_METADATA_FRAMEWORK "mxf-descriptive-metadata-framework"
void mxf_uuid_init (MXFUUID *uuid, GHashTable *hashtable);
gboolean mxf_uuid_is_equal (const MXFUUID *a, const MXFUUID *b);
gboolean mxf_uuid_is_zero (const MXFUUID *uuid);
guint mxf_uuid_hash (const MXFUUID *uuid);
gchar * mxf_uuid_to_string (const MXFUUID *uuid, gchar str[48]);
MXFUUID * mxf_uuid_from_string (const gchar *str, MXFUUID *uuid);
gboolean mxf_uuid_array_parse (MXFUUID ** array, guint32 * count, const guint8 * data, guint size);
gchar *mxf_umid_to_string (const MXFUMID * umid, gchar str[96]);
MXFUMID *mxf_umid_from_string (const gchar *str, MXFUMID * umid);
gboolean mxf_umid_is_equal (const MXFUMID *a, const MXFUMID *b);
gboolean mxf_umid_is_zero (const MXFUMID *umid);
void mxf_umid_init (MXFUMID *umid);
gboolean mxf_is_mxf_packet (const MXFUL *ul);
gboolean mxf_is_partition_pack (const MXFUL *ul);
gboolean mxf_is_header_partition_pack (const MXFUL *ul);
gboolean mxf_is_body_partition_pack (const MXFUL *ul);
gboolean mxf_is_footer_partition_pack (const MXFUL *ul);
gboolean mxf_is_primer_pack (const MXFUL *ul);
gboolean mxf_is_metadata (const MXFUL *ul);
gboolean mxf_is_descriptive_metadata (const MXFUL *ul);
gboolean mxf_is_random_index_pack (const MXFUL *ul);
gboolean mxf_is_index_table_segment (const MXFUL *ul);
gboolean mxf_is_generic_container_system_item (const MXFUL *ul);
gboolean mxf_is_generic_container_essence_element (const MXFUL *ul);
gboolean mxf_is_avid_essence_container_essence_element (const MXFUL * key);
gboolean mxf_is_generic_container_essence_container_label (const MXFUL *ul);
gboolean mxf_is_avid_essence_container_label (const MXFUL *ul);
gboolean mxf_is_fill (const MXFUL *ul);
guint mxf_ber_encode_size (guint size, guint8 ber[9]);
gchar * mxf_utf16_to_utf8 (const guint8 * data, guint size);
guint8 * mxf_utf8_to_utf16 (const gchar *str, guint16 *size);
gboolean mxf_product_version_parse (MXFProductVersion * product_version,
const guint8 * data, guint size);
gboolean mxf_product_version_is_valid (const MXFProductVersion *version);
void mxf_product_version_write (const MXFProductVersion *version, guint8 *data);
gboolean mxf_fraction_parse (MXFFraction *fraction, const guint8 *data, guint size);
gdouble mxf_fraction_to_double (const MXFFraction *fraction);
gboolean mxf_timestamp_parse (MXFTimestamp * timestamp, const guint8 * data, guint size);
gboolean mxf_timestamp_is_unknown (const MXFTimestamp *a);
gint mxf_timestamp_compare (const MXFTimestamp *a, const MXFTimestamp *b);
gchar *mxf_timestamp_to_string (const MXFTimestamp *t, gchar str[32]);
void mxf_timestamp_set_now (MXFTimestamp *timestamp);
void mxf_timestamp_write (const MXFTimestamp *timestamp, guint8 *data);
void mxf_op_set_atom (MXFUL *ul, gboolean single_sourceclip, gboolean single_essence_track);
void mxf_op_set_generalized (MXFUL *ul, MXFOperationalPattern pattern, gboolean internal_essence, gboolean streamable, gboolean single_track);
GstBuffer * mxf_fill_to_buffer (guint size);
gboolean mxf_partition_pack_parse (const MXFUL *ul, MXFPartitionPack *pack, const guint8 *data, guint size);
void mxf_partition_pack_reset (MXFPartitionPack *pack);
GstBuffer * mxf_partition_pack_to_buffer (const MXFPartitionPack *pack);
gboolean mxf_primer_pack_parse (const MXFUL *ul, MXFPrimerPack *pack, const guint8 *data, guint size);
void mxf_primer_pack_reset (MXFPrimerPack *pack);
guint16 mxf_primer_pack_add_mapping (MXFPrimerPack *primer, guint16 local_tag, const MXFUL *ul);
GstBuffer * mxf_primer_pack_to_buffer (const MXFPrimerPack *pack);
gboolean mxf_random_index_pack_parse (const MXFUL *ul, const guint8 *data, guint size, GArray **array);
GstBuffer * mxf_random_index_pack_to_buffer (const GArray *array);
gboolean mxf_index_table_segment_parse (const MXFUL *ul, MXFIndexTableSegment *segment, const MXFPrimerPack *primer, const guint8 *data, guint size);
void mxf_index_table_segment_reset (MXFIndexTableSegment *segment);
gboolean mxf_local_tag_parse (const guint8 * data, guint size, guint16 * tag,
guint16 * tag_size, const guint8 ** tag_data);
void mxf_local_tag_free (MXFLocalTag *tag);
gboolean mxf_local_tag_add_to_hash_table (const MXFPrimerPack *primer,
guint16 tag, const guint8 *tag_data, guint16 tag_size,
GHashTable **hash_table);
gboolean mxf_local_tag_insert (MXFLocalTag *tag, GHashTable **hash_table);
#endif /* __MXF_TYPES_H__ */