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/* Included by drivers/net/dsa/lan9303.h and net/dsa/tag_lan9303.c */
#include <linux/if_ether.h>
struct lan9303;
struct lan9303_phy_ops {
/* PHY 1 and 2 access*/
int (*phy_read)(struct lan9303 *chip, int port, int regnum);
int (*phy_write)(struct lan9303 *chip, int port,
int regnum, u16 val);
#define LAN9303_NUM_ALR_RECORDS 512
struct lan9303_alr_cache_entry {
u8 mac_addr[ETH_ALEN];
u8 port_map; /* Bitmap of ports. Zero if unused entry */
u8 stp_override; /* non zero if set LAN9303_ALR_DAT1_AGE_OVERRID */
struct lan9303 {
struct device *dev;
struct regmap *regmap;
struct regmap_irq_chip_data *irq_data;
struct gpio_desc *reset_gpio;
u32 reset_duration; /* in [ms] */
int phy_addr_base;
struct dsa_switch *ds;
struct mutex indirect_mutex; /* protect indexed register access */
struct mutex alr_mutex; /* protect ALR access */
const struct lan9303_phy_ops *ops;
bool is_bridged; /* true if port 1 and 2 are bridged */
/* remember LAN9303_SWE_PORT_STATE while not bridged */
u32 swe_port_state;
/* LAN9303 do not offer reading specific ALR entry. Cache all
* static entries in a flat table
struct lan9303_alr_cache_entry alr_cache[LAN9303_NUM_ALR_RECORDS];