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* Copyright (C) 2016 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
* Copyright 2017 NXP
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
#include <linux/fb.h>
#define DSI_CMD_BUF_MAXSIZE (128)
* device structure for mipi-dsi based lcd panel.
* @name: name of the device to use with this device,
* the name will be used for binding driver.
* @mode: video mode parameters for the panel.
* @bpp: bits per pixel. only 24 bits is supported.
* @virtual_ch_id: virtual channel id for this dsi device.
* @data_lane_num: the data lane number, max is 2.
* @host: pointer to the host driver instance, will be setup
* during register device.
struct mipi_dsi_northwest_panel_device {
const char *name;
struct fb_videomode mode;
int bpp;
u32 virtual_ch_id;
u32 data_lane_num;
struct mipi_dsi_northwest_info *host;
* driver structure for mipi-dsi based lcd panel.
* this structure should be registered by lcd panel driver.
* mipi-dsi driver seeks lcd panel registered through name field
* and calls these callback functions in appropriate time.
* @name: name of the driver to use with this device, or an
* alias for that name.
* @mipi_panel_setup: callback pointer for initializing lcd panel based on mipi
* dsi interface.
struct mipi_dsi_northwest_panel_driver {
const char *name;
int (*mipi_panel_setup)(struct mipi_dsi_northwest_panel_device *panel_dev);
* mipi-dsi northwest driver information structure, holds useful data for the driver.
struct mipi_dsi_northwest_info {
u32 mmio_base;
u32 sim_base;
int enabled;
struct mipi_dsi_northwest_panel_device *dsi_panel_dev;
struct mipi_dsi_northwest_panel_driver *dsi_panel_drv;
int (*mipi_dsi_pkt_write)(struct mipi_dsi_northwest_info *mipi_dsi,
u8 data_type, const u32 *buf, int len);
/* Setup mipi dsi host driver instance, with base address and SIM address provided */
int mipi_dsi_northwest_setup(u32 base_addr, u32 sim_addr);
/* Create a LCD panel device, will search the panel driver to bind with them */
int mipi_dsi_northwest_register_panel_device(struct mipi_dsi_northwest_panel_device *panel_dev);
/* Register a LCD panel driver, will search the panel device to bind with them */
int mipi_dsi_northwest_register_panel_driver(struct mipi_dsi_northwest_panel_driver *panel_drv);
/* Enable the mipi dsi display */
int mipi_dsi_northwest_enable(void);
/* Disable and shutdown the mipi dsi display */
int mipi_dsi_northwest_shutdown(void);
void hx8363_init(void);