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Renesas SH7753 EVB board
This board specification:
The SH7753 EVB (board config name:sh7753evb) has the following device:
- SH7753 (SH-4A)
- Gigabit Ethernet controllers
- eMMC 4GB
Configuration for This board:
You can select the configuration as follows:
- make sh7753evb_config
This board specific command:
This board has the following its specific command:
- write_mac
1. write_mac
You can write MAC address to SPI ROM.
Usage 1) Write MAC address
write_mac [GETHERC ch0] [GETHERC ch1]
For example)
=> write_mac 74:90:50:00:33:9e 74:90:50:00:33:9f
*) We have to input the command as a single line
(without carriage return)
*) We have to reset after input the command.
Usage 2) Show current data
For example)
=> write_mac
GETHERC ch0 = 74:90:50:00:33:9e
GETHERC ch1 = 74:90:50:00:33:9f
Update SPI ROM:
1. Copy u-boot image to RAM area.
2. Probe SPI device.
=> sf probe 0
SF: Detected MX25L6405D with page size 64KiB, total 8 MiB
3. Erase SPI ROM.
=> sf erase 0 80000
4. Write u-boot image to SPI ROM.
=> sf write 0x48000000 0 80000