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Reference code ""drivers/usb/ulpi/omap-ulpi-viewport.c"
Contains the ulpi read write api's to perform
any ulpi phy port access on omap platform.
On omap ehci reg map contains INSNREG05_ULPI
register which offers the ulpi phy access so
any ulpi phy commands should be passsed using this
omap-ulpi-viewport.c is a low level function
implementation of "drivers/usb/ulpi/ulpi.c"
To enable and use omap-ulpi-viewport.c
CONFIG_USB_ULPI be enabled in config file.
Any ulpi ops request can be done with ulpi.c
and soc specific binding and usage is done with
omap-ulpi-viewport implementation.
Ex: scenario:
omap-ehci driver code requests for ulpi phy reset if
ehci is used in phy mode, which will call ulpi phy reset
the ulpi phy reset does ulpi_read/write from viewport
implementation which will do ulpi reset using the
INSNREG05_ULPI register.