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Driver implementing the fuse API for Freescale's IC Identification Module (IIM)
This IP can be found on the following SoCs:
- MPC512x,
- i.MX25,
- i.MX27,
- i.MX31,
- i.MX35,
- i.MX51,
- i.MX53.
The section numbers in this file refer to the i.MX25 Reference Manual.
A fuse word contains 8 fuse bit slots, as explained in
A bank contains 256 fuse word slots, as shown by the memory map in 30.3.1.
Some fuse bit or word slots may not have the corresponding fuses actually
implemented in the fusebox.
See the README files of the SoCs using this driver in order to know the
conventions used by U-Boot to store some specific data in the fuses, e.g. MAC
Fuse operations:
Read operations are implemented as read accesses to the shadow registers,
using "Word y of Bank x" from the register summary in 30.3.2. This is
explained in detail in
Sense operations are implemented as explained in
Program operations are implemented as explained in Following
this operation, the shadow registers are reloaded by the hardware (not
immediately, but this does not make any difference for a user reading
these registers).
Override operations are implemented as write accesses to the shadow
registers, as explained in
Define this to enable the fsl_iim driver.