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Freescale-specific 'hwconfig' options.
This file documents Freescale-specific key:value pairs for the 'hwconfig'
option. See README.hwconfig for general information about 'hwconfig'.
Specific to the P1022DS reference board.
This option specifies which of the two oscillator frequencies should be
routed to the Wolfson WM8776 codec. The ngPIXIS can be programmed to
route either a 11.2896MHz or a 12.288MHz clock. The default is
12.288MHz. This option has two effects. First, the MUX on the board
will be programmed accordingly. Second, the clock-frequency property
in the codec node in the device tree will be updated to the correct
Select the 11.2896MHz clock
Select the 12.288MHz clock
Specific to boards have USB controller
This option specifies the following for a USB controller:
- which controller mode to use
- which USB PHY to use
This is used by generic USB device-tree fixup function to update
modified values of phy type and controller mode.
Also used for configuring multiple USB controllers such that
'usbN' (where N is 1, 2, etc. refers to controller no.)
Select USB phy type: 'utmi' OR 'ulpi'
Select USB controller mode: 'host', 'peripheral' OR 'otg'