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* (C) Copyright 2000
* Hans-Joerg Frieden, Hyperion Entertainment
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
#include <common.h>
/* Make the buffers bigger if ISO partition support is enabled -- CD-ROMS
have 2048 byte blocks */
* Amiga disks have a very open structure. The head for the partition table information
* is stored somewhere within the first 16 blocks on disk, and is called the
* "RigidDiskBlock".
struct rigid_disk_block
u32 id;
u32 summed_longs;
s32 chk_sum;
u32 host_id;
u32 block_bytes;
u32 flags;
u32 bad_block_list;
u32 partition_list;
u32 file_sys_header_list;
u32 drive_init;
u32 bootcode_block;
u32 reserved_1[5];
/* Physical drive geometry */
u32 cylinders;
u32 sectors;
u32 heads;
u32 interleave;
u32 park;
u32 reserved_2[3];
u32 write_pre_comp;
u32 reduced_write;
u32 step_rate;
u32 reserved_3[5];
/* logical drive geometry */
u32 rdb_blocks_lo;
u32 rdb_blocks_hi;
u32 lo_cylinder;
u32 hi_cylinder;
u32 cyl_blocks;
u32 auto_park_seconds;
u32 high_rdsk_block;
u32 reserved_4;
char disk_vendor[8];
char disk_product[16];
char disk_revision[4];
char controller_vendor[8];
char controller_product[16];
char controller_revision[4];
u32 reserved_5[10];
* Each partition on this drive is defined by such a block
struct partition_block
u32 id;
u32 summed_longs;
s32 chk_sum;
u32 host_id;
u32 next;
u32 flags;
u32 reserved_1[2];
u32 dev_flags;
char drive_name[32];
u32 reserved_2[15];
u32 environment[17];
u32 reserved_3[15];
struct bootcode_block
u32 id;
u32 summed_longs;
s32 chk_sum;
u32 host_id;
u32 next;
u32 load_data[123];
#define AMIGA_ID_RDISK 0x5244534B
#define AMIGA_ID_PART 0x50415254
#define AMIGA_ID_BOOT 0x424f4f54
* The environment array in the partition block
* describes the partition
struct amiga_part_geometry
u32 table_size;
u32 size_blocks;
u32 unused1;
u32 surfaces;
u32 sector_per_block;
u32 block_per_track;
u32 reserved;
u32 prealloc;
u32 interleave;
u32 low_cyl;
u32 high_cyl;
u32 num_buffers;
u32 buf_mem_type;
u32 max_transfer;
u32 mask;
s32 boot_priority;
u32 dos_type;
u32 baud;
u32 control;
u32 boot_blocks;
#endif /* _DISK_PART_AMIGA_H_ */