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* (c) 2015 Purna Chandra Mandal <>
PIC32MZ[DA] Starter Kit
PIC32MZ[DA] Starter Kit is based on PIC32MZ[DA] family of micro-controller.
This family is powered by MIPS M14KEC 32bit general purpose core and has
advanced microcontroller features and peripherals.
This processor boots with proprietary stage1 bootloader running from internal
boot-flash. Stage1 bootloader inturns locates and jumps to U-Boot programmed
on internal program-flash. Finally U-Boot loads OS image (along with other
required files for booting) from either uSD card, or ethernet, or from USB
To boot Linux following three files are mandatory - uEnv.txt (custom U-Boot
environment file), uImage, *.dtb (platform device-tree-blob file).
U-Boot jumps to Linux using UHI specification.
Visit for details.