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The LS2080A Reference Design (RDB) is a high-performance computing,
evaluation, and development platform that supports the QorIQ LS2080A, LS2088A
Layerscape Architecture processor.
LS2080A, LS2088A SoC Overview
Please refer arch/arm/cpu/armv8/fsl-layerscape/doc/README.soc for LS2080A,
LS2088A SoC overview.
LS2080ARDB board Overview
- SERDES Connections, 16 lanes supporting:
- PCI Express - 3.0
- SATA 3.0
- DDR Controller
- Two ports of 72-bits (8-bits ECC) DDR4. Each port supports four
chip-selects and two DIMM connectors. Support is up to 2133MT/s.
- One port of 40-bits (8-bits ECC) DDR4 which supports four chip-selects
and two DIMM connectors. Support is up to 1600MT/s.
-IFC/Local Bus
- IFC rev. 2.0 implementation supporting Little Endian connection scheme.
- 128 MB NOR flash 16-bit data bus
- One 2 GB NAND flash with ECC support
- CPLD connection
- USB 3.0
- Two high speed USB 3.0 ports
- First USB 3.0 port configured as Host with Type-A connector
- Second USB 3.0 port configured as OTG with micro-AB connector
- SDHC adapter
- SD Card Rev 2.0 and Rev 3.0
- 128 MB high-speed flash Memory for boot code and storage (up to 108MHz)
- 4 I2C controllers
- Two SATA onboard connectors
- ARM JTAG support
Memory map from core's view
0x00_0000_0000 .. 0x00_000F_FFFF Boot Rom
0x00_0100_0000 .. 0x00_0FFF_FFFF CCSR
0x00_1800_0000 .. 0x00_181F_FFFF OCRAM
0x00_3000_0000 .. 0x00_3FFF_FFFF IFC region #1
0x00_8000_0000 .. 0x00_FFFF_FFFF DDR region #1
0x05_1000_0000 .. 0x05_FFFF_FFFF IFC region #2
0x80_8000_0000 .. 0xFF_FFFF_FFFF DDR region #2
Other addresses are either reserved, or not used directly by U-Boot.
This list should be updated when more addresses are used.
IFC region map from core's view
During boot i.e. IFC Region #1:-
0x30000000 - 0x37ffffff : 128MB : NOR flash
0x3C000000 - 0x40000000 : 64MB : CPLD
After relocate to DDR i.e. IFC Region #2:-
0x5_1000_0000..0x5_1fff_ffff Memory Hole
0x5_2000_0000..0x5_3fff_ffff IFC CSx (CPLD, NAND and others 512MB)
0x5_4000_0000..0x5_7fff_ffff ASIC or others 1GB
0x5_8000_0000..0x5_bfff_ffff IFC CS0 1GB (NOR/Promjet)
0x5_C000_0000..0x5_ffff_ffff IFC CS1 1GB (NOR/Promjet)
Booting Options
a) NOR boot
b) NAND boot
Booting Linux flavors which do not support 48-bit VA (< Linux 3.18)
One needs to use appropriate bootargs to boot Linux flavors which do
not support 48-bit VA (for e.g. < Linux 3.18) by appending mem=2048M, as shown
=> setenv bootargs 'console=ttyS1,115200 root=/dev/ram
earlycon=uart8250,mmio,0x21c0600,115200 default_hugepagesz=2m hugepagesz=2m
hugepages=16 mem=2048M'