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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
# Copyright (c) 2018 Google, Inc
# Written by Simon Glass <>
# Support for a Chromium OS verified boot block, used to sign a read-write
# section of the image.
from collections import OrderedDict
import os
from entry import Entry, EntryArg
import fdt_util
import tools
class Entry_vblock(Entry):
"""An entry which contains a Chromium OS verified boot block
Properties / Entry arguments:
- keydir: Directory containing the public keys to use
- keyblock: Name of the key file to use (inside keydir)
- signprivate: Name of provide key file to use (inside keydir)
- version: Version number of the vblock (typically 1)
- kernelkey: Name of the kernel key to use (inside keydir)
- preamble-flags: Value of the vboot preamble flags (typically 0)
Output files:
- input.<unique_name> - input file passed to futility
- vblock.<unique_name> - output file generated by futility (which is
used as the entry contents)
Chromium OS signs the read-write firmware and kernel, writing the signature
in this block. This allows U-Boot to verify that the next firmware stage
and kernel are genuine.
def __init__(self, section, etype, node):
Entry.__init__(self, section, etype, node)
self.content = fdt_util.GetPhandleList(self._node, 'content')
if not self.content:
self.Raise("Vblock must have a 'content' property")
(self.keydir, self.keyblock, self.signprivate, self.version,
self.kernelkey, self.preamble_flags) = self.GetEntryArgsOrProps([
EntryArg('keydir', str),
EntryArg('keyblock', str),
EntryArg('signprivate', str),
EntryArg('version', int),
EntryArg('kernelkey', str),
EntryArg('preamble-flags', int)])
def ObtainContents(self):
# Join up the data files to be signed
input_data = ''
for entry_phandle in self.content:
data = self.section.GetContentsByPhandle(entry_phandle, self)
if data is None:
# Data not available yet
return False
input_data += data
uniq = self.GetUniqueName()
output_fname = tools.GetOutputFilename('vblock.%s' % uniq)
input_fname = tools.GetOutputFilename('input.%s' % uniq)
tools.WriteFile(input_fname, input_data)
prefix = self.keydir + '/'
args = [
'--vblock', output_fname,
'--keyblock', prefix + self.keyblock,
'--signprivate', prefix + self.signprivate,
'--version', '%d' % self.version,
'--fv', input_fname,
'--kernelkey', prefix + self.kernelkey,
'--flags', '%d' % self.preamble_flags,
#out.Notice("Sign '%s' into %s" % (', '.join(self.value), self.label))
stdout = tools.Run('futility', *args)
return True