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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
# Copyright (c) 2016 Google, Inc
# Written by Simon Glass <>
# Entry-type module for testing purposes. Not used in real images.
from collections import OrderedDict
from entry import Entry, EntryArg
import fdt_util
import tools
class Entry__testing(Entry):
"""A fake entry used for testing
This entry should not be used in normal images. It is a special entry with
strange features used for testing.
Properties / Entry arguments
test-str-fdt: Test string, normally in the node
test-int-fdt: Test integer, normally in the node
test-str-arg: Test string, normally in the entry arguments
test-int-arg: Test integer, normally in the entry arguments
The entry has a single 'a' byte as its contents. Operation is controlled by
a number of properties in the node, as follows:
return-invalid-entry: Return an invalid entry from GetOffsets()
return-unknown-contents: Refuse to provide any contents (to cause a
bad-update-contents: Implement ProcessContents() incorrectly so as to
cause a failure
never-complete-process-fdt: Refund to process the FDT (to cause a
require-args: Require that all used args are present (generating an
error if not)
force-bad-datatype: Force a call to GetEntryArgsOrProps() with a bad
data type (generating an error)
def __init__(self, section, etype, node):
Entry.__init__(self, section, etype, node)
self.return_invalid_entry = fdt_util.GetBool(self._node,
self.return_unknown_contents = fdt_util.GetBool(self._node,
self.bad_update_contents = fdt_util.GetBool(self._node,
self.return_contents_once = fdt_util.GetBool(self._node,
# Set to True when the entry is ready to process the FDT.
self.process_fdt_ready = False
self.never_complete_process_fdt = fdt_util.GetBool(self._node,
self.require_args = fdt_util.GetBool(self._node, 'require-args')
# This should be picked up by GetEntryArgsOrProps()
self.test_existing_prop = 'existing'
self.force_bad_datatype = fdt_util.GetBool(self._node,
(self.test_str_fdt, self.test_str_arg, self.test_int_fdt,
self.test_int_arg, existing) = self.GetEntryArgsOrProps([
EntryArg('test-str-fdt', str),
EntryArg('test-str-arg', str),
EntryArg('test-int-fdt', int),
EntryArg('test-int-arg', int),
EntryArg('test-existing-prop', str)], self.require_args)
if self.force_bad_datatype:
self.GetEntryArgsOrProps([EntryArg('test-bad-datatype-arg', bool)])
self.return_contents = True
def ObtainContents(self):
if self.return_unknown_contents or not self.return_contents:
return False = 'a'
self.contents_size = len(
if self.return_contents_once:
self.return_contents = False
return True
def GetOffsets(self):
if self.return_invalid_entry :
return {'invalid-entry': [1, 2]}
return {}
def ProcessContents(self):
if self.bad_update_contents:
# Request to update the conents with something larger, to cause a
# failure.
def ProcessFdt(self, fdt):
"""Force reprocessing the first time"""
ready = self.process_fdt_ready
if not self.never_complete_process_fdt:
self.process_fdt_ready = True
return ready