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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+ */
* (C) Copyright 2008
* Niklaus Giger,
#ifndef _VXWORKS_H_
#define _VXWORKS_H_
#include <efi_api.h>
* Physical address of memory base for VxWorks x86
* This is LOCAL_MEM_LOCAL_ADRS in the VxWorks kernel configuration.
#define VXWORKS_PHYS_MEM_BASE 0x100000
/* x86 bootline offset relative to LOCAL_MEM_LOCAL_ADRS in VxWorks */
#define X86_BOOT_LINE_OFFSET 0x1200
* VxWorks x86 E820 related stuff
* VxWorks on x86 gets E820 information from pre-defined offset @
* 0x4a00 and 0x4000. At 0x4a00 it's an information table defined
* by VxWorks and the actual E820 table entries starts from 0x4000.
* As defined by the BIOS E820 spec, the maximum number of E820 table
* entries is 128 and each entry occupies 20 bytes, so it's 128 * 20
* = 2560 (0xa00) bytes in total. That's where VxWorks stores some
* information that is retrieved from the BIOS E820 call and saved
* later for sanity test during the kernel boot-up.
#define E820_DATA_OFFSET 0x4000
#define E820_INFO_OFFSET 0x4a00
/* E820 info signatiure "SMAP" - System MAP */
#define E820_SIGNATURE 0x534d4150
struct e820_info {
u32 sign; /* "SMAP" signature */
u32 x0; /* don't care, used by VxWorks */
u32 x1; /* don't care, used by VxWorks */
u32 x2; /* don't care, used by VxWorks */
u32 addr; /* last e820 table entry addr */
u32 x3; /* don't care, used by VxWorks */
u32 entries; /* e820 table entry count */
u32 error; /* must be zero */
* VxWorks bootloader stores its size at a pre-defined offset @ 0x5004.
* Later when VxWorks kernel boots up and system memory information is
* retrieved from the E820 table, the bootloader size will be subtracted
* from the total system memory size to calculate the size of available
* memory for the OS.
* When booting from EFI BIOS, VxWorks bootloader stores the EFI GOP
* framebuffer info at a pre-defined offset @ 0x6100. When VxWorks kernel
* boots up, its EFI console driver tries to find such a block and if
* the signature matches, the framebuffer information will be used to
* initialize the driver.
* However it is not necessary to prepare an EFI environment for VxWorks's
* EFI console driver to function (eg: EFI loader in U-Boot). If U-Boot has
* already initialized the graphics card and set it to a VESA mode that is
* compatible with EFI GOP, we can simply prepare such a block for VxWorks.
#define EFI_GOP_INFO_OFFSET 0x6100
/* EFI GOP info signatiure */
#define EFI_GOP_INFO_MAGIC 0xfeedface
struct efi_gop_info {
u32 magic; /* signature */
struct efi_gop_mode_info info; /* EFI GOP mode info structure */
phys_addr_t fb_base; /* framebuffer base address */
u32 fb_size; /* framebuffer size */
int do_bootvx(cmd_tbl_t *cmdtp, int flag, int argc, char * const argv[]);
void boot_prep_vxworks(bootm_headers_t *images);
void boot_jump_vxworks(bootm_headers_t *images);