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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause */
* This is from the ARM TF Project,
* Repository:
* File: include/common/bl_common.h
* Portions copyright (c) 2013-2016, ARM Limited and Contributors. All rights
* reserved.
* Copyright (C) 2016-2017 Rockchip Electronic Co.,Ltd
#ifndef __BL_COMMON_H__
#define __BL_COMMON_H__
#define ATF_PARAM_EP 0x01
#define ATF_PARAM_BL31 0x03
#define ATF_VERSION_1 0x01
#define ATF_EP_SECURE 0x0
#define ATF_EP_NON_SECURE 0x1
#define SET_PARAM_HEAD(_p, _type, _ver, _attr) do { \
(_p)->h.type = (uint8_t)(_type); \
(_p)->h.version = (uint8_t)(_ver); \
(_p)->h.size = (uint16_t)sizeof(*_p); \
(_p)->h.attr = (uint32_t)(_attr) ; \
} while (0)
#define MODE_RW_SHIFT 0x4
#define MODE_RW_MASK 0x1
#define MODE_RW_64 0x0
#define MODE_RW_32 0x1
#define MODE_EL_SHIFT 0x2
#define MODE_EL_MASK 0x3
#define MODE_EL3 0x3
#define MODE_EL2 0x2
#define MODE_EL1 0x1
#define MODE_EL0 0x0
#define MODE_SP_SHIFT 0x0
#define MODE_SP_MASK 0x1
#define MODE_SP_EL0 0x0
#define MODE_SP_ELX 0x1
#define SPSR_DAIF_MASK 0x0f
#define SPSR_64(el, sp, daif) \
((el) & MODE_EL_MASK) << MODE_EL_SHIFT | \
((sp) & MODE_SP_MASK) << MODE_SP_SHIFT | \
#define SPSR_FIQ (1 << 6)
#define SPSR_IRQ (1 << 7)
#define SPSR_SERROR (1 << 8)
#define SPSR_DEBUG (1 << 9)
#define DAIF_FIQ_BIT (1<<0)
#define DAIF_IRQ_BIT (1<<1)
#define DAIF_ABT_BIT (1<<2)
#define DAIF_DBG_BIT (1<<3)
#ifndef __ASSEMBLY__
* Structure used for telling the next BL how much of a particular type of
* memory is available for its use and how much is already used.
struct aapcs64_params {
unsigned long arg0;
unsigned long arg1;
unsigned long arg2;
unsigned long arg3;
unsigned long arg4;
unsigned long arg5;
unsigned long arg6;
unsigned long arg7;
* This structure provides version information and the size of the
* structure, attributes for the structure it represents
struct param_header {
uint8_t type; /* type of the structure */
uint8_t version; /* version of this structure */
uint16_t size; /* size of this structure in bytes */
uint32_t attr; /* attributes: unused bits SBZ */
* This structure represents the superset of information needed while
* switching exception levels. The only two mechanisms to do so are
* ERET & SMC. Security state is indicated using bit zero of header
* attribute
* NOTE: BL1 expects entrypoint followed by spsr at an offset from the start
* of this structure defined by the macro `ENTRY_POINT_INFO_PC_OFFSET` while
* processing SMC to jump to BL31.
struct entry_point_info {
struct param_header h;
uintptr_t pc;
uint32_t spsr;
struct aapcs64_params args;
* Image info binary provides information from the image loader that
* can be used by the firmware to manage available trusted RAM.
* More advanced firmware image formats can provide additional
* information that enables optimization or greater flexibility in the
* common firmware code
struct atf_image_info {
struct param_header h;
uintptr_t image_base; /* physical address of base of image */
uint32_t image_size; /* bytes read from image file */
* The image descriptor struct definition.
struct image_desc {
/* Contains unique image id for the image. */
unsigned int image_id;
* This member contains Image state information.
* Refer IMAGE_STATE_XXX defined above.
unsigned int state;
uint32_t copied_size; /* image size copied in blocks */
struct atf_image_info atf_image_info;
struct entry_point_info ep_info;
* This structure represents the superset of information that can be passed to
* BL31 e.g. while passing control to it from BL2. The BL32 parameters will be
* populated only if BL2 detects its presence. A pointer to a structure of this
* type should be passed in X0 to BL31's cold boot entrypoint.
* Use of this structure and the X0 parameter is not mandatory: the BL31
* platform code can use other mechanisms to provide the necessary information
* about BL32 and BL33 to the common and SPD code.
* BL31 image information is mandatory if this structure is used. If either of
* the optional BL32 and BL33 image information is not provided, this is
* indicated by the respective image_info pointers being zero.
struct bl31_params {
struct param_header h;
struct atf_image_info *bl31_image_info;
struct entry_point_info *bl32_ep_info;
struct atf_image_info *bl32_image_info;
struct entry_point_info *bl33_ep_info;
struct atf_image_info *bl33_image_info;
* This structure represents the superset of information that is passed to
* BL31, e.g. while passing control to it from BL2, bl31_params
* and other platform specific params
struct bl2_to_bl31_params_mem {
struct bl31_params bl31_params;
struct atf_image_info bl31_image_info;
struct atf_image_info bl32_image_info;
struct atf_image_info bl33_image_info;
struct entry_point_info bl33_ep_info;
struct entry_point_info bl32_ep_info;
struct entry_point_info bl31_ep_info;
#endif /*__ASSEMBLY__*/
#endif /* __BL_COMMON_H__ */