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Board information
The SBC produced by Phytec has a SOM based on a i.MX6Q.
The SOM is sold in two versions, with eMMC or with NAND. Support
here is for the SOM with NAND.
The evaluation board "phyBoard-Mira" is thought to be used
together with the SOM.
More information on the board can be found on manufacturer's
Building U-Boot
$ make pcm058_defconfig
$ make
This generates the artifacts SPL and u-boot.img.
The SOM can boot from NAND or from SD-Card, having the SPI-NOR
as second option.
The dip switch "DIP-1" on the board let choose between
NAND and SD.
DIP-1 set to off: Boot first from NAND, then try SPI
DIP-1 set to on: Boot first from SD, then try SPI
The bootloader was tested with DIP-1 set to on. If a SD-card
is present, then the RBL tries to load SPL from the SD Card, if not,
RBL loads from SPI-NOR. The SPL tries then to load from the same
device where SPL was loaded (SD or SPI). Booting from NAND is
not supported.