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LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 is a toy robot produced by the LEGO Group. It is based
on the davinci da850 evm. The EV3 has a 16MB spi flash and a SDHC microSD card
The EV3 contains a bootloader in EEPROM that loads u-boot.bin from address 0x0
of the SPI flash memory (with a size of 256KiB!). Because the EEPROM is read-
only and it takes care of low level configuration (PLL and DDR), we don't use
U-Boot to produce an SPL image.
Using the default configuration, U-Boot had a boot scrips that works as follows:
* Check to see if microSD card is present
* If it is, try to load boot.scr from the first FAT partition
* If loading boot.scr was successful, run it
* Otherwise, try loading uEnv.txt
* If loading uEnv.txt was successful, import it
* If there is a uenvcmd variable (from uEnv.txt), run it
* Try to load uImage from the first FAT partition
* If it was successful, try to load da850-lego-ev3.dtb
* If loading uImage was successful, boot it (DT is optional)
* If none of the above was successful, try booting from flash
Suggested Flash Memory Layout
The following is based on the default U-Boot configuration:
| Image (file) | Start Addr. | Max. Size |
| u-boot.bin | 0x0 | 0x40000 (256KiB) |
| da850-lego-ev3.dtb | 0x40000 | 0x10000 (64KiB) |
| uImage | 0x50000 | 0x400000 (4MiB) |
| rootfs (squashfs) | 0x450000 | 0xa00000 (10MiB) |
Writing image to flash
The EEPROM contains a program for uploading an image file to the flash memory.
The program is started by holding down the right button on the EV3 when powering
it on. You can also `run fwupdateboot` in the u-boot shell to reboot into this
mode. The image can then be uploaded using the official LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3
software or a 3rd party program capable of uploading a firmware file.
If you are booting from the microSD card, it is enough to just write uboot.bin
to the flash. If you are not using a microSD card, you will need to create an
image file using the layout described above.