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Update from original Marvell U-Boot to mainline U-Boot:
Generate the U-Boot image with these commands:
$ make helios4_defconfig
$ make
The resulting image including the SPL binary with the
full DDR setup is "u-boot-spl.kwb".
Now all you need to do is copy this image on a SD card.
For example with this command:
$ sudo dd if=u-boot-spl.kwb of=/dev/sdX bs=512 seek=1
Please use the correct device node for your setup instead
of "/dev/sdX" here!
Boot selection:
Before powering up the board, boot selection should be done via the SW1 dip
switch (0: OFF, 1: ON):
- SPI: 00010
- SD/eMMC: 00111
- SATA1: 11100
- UART: 11110
Boot from UART:
Connect the on-board micro-USB (CF Pro: CON11, CF Base: CON5)
to your host.
Set the SW1 DIP switches to UART boot (see above).
Run the following command to initiate U-Boot download:
./tools/kwboot -p -b u-boot-spl.kwb /dev/ttyUSBX
Use the correct UART device node for /dev/ttyUSBX.
When download finishes start your favorite terminal emulator
on /dev/ttyUSBX.