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Freescale MPC8610HPCD board
Building U-Boot
$ make MPC8610HPCD_config
Configuring for MPC8610HPCD board...
$ make
Flashing U-Boot
The flash is 128M starting at 0xF800_0000.
The alternate image is at 0xFBF0_0000
The boot image is at 0xFFF0_0000.
To Flash U-Boot into the booting bank:
tftp 1000000 u-boot.bin
protect off all
erase fff00000 +$filesize
cp.b 1000000 fff00000 $filesize
To Flash U-Boot into the alternate bank
tftp 1000000 u-boot.bin
erase fbf00000 +$filesize
cp.b 1000000 fbf00000 $filesize
pixis_reset command
A new command, "pixis_reset", is introduced to reset mpc8610hpcd board
using the FPGA sequencer. When the board restarts, it has the option
of using either the current or alternate flash bank as the boot
image, with or without the watchdog timer enabled, and finally with
or without frequency changes.
Usage is;
pixis_reset altbank
pixis_reset altbank wd
pixis_reset altbank cf <SYSCLK freq> <COREPLL ratio> <MPXPLL ratio>
pixis_reset cf <SYSCLK freq> <COREPLL ratio> <MPXPLL ratio>
/* reset to current bank, like "reset" command */
/* reset board but use the to alternate flash bank */
pixis_reset altbank
/* reset board, use alternate flash bank with watchdog timer enabled*/
pixis_reset altbank wd
/* reset board to alternate bank with frequency changed.
* 40 is SYSCLK, 2.5 is COREPLL ratio, 10 is MPXPLL ratio
pixis-reset altbank cf 40 2.5 10
DIP Switch Settings
To manually switch the flash banks using the DIP switch
settings, toggle both SW6:1 and SW6:2.