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.. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
.. sectionauthor:: Simon Glass <>
Chromebook Link
First, you need the following binary blobs:
* descriptor.bin - Intel flash descriptor
* me.bin - Intel Management Engine
* mrc.bin - Memory Reference Code, which sets up SDRAM
* video ROM - sets up the display
You can get these binary blobs by::
$ git clone
$ cd blobs
Find the following files:
* ./mainboard/google/link/descriptor.bin
* ./mainboard/google/link/me.bin
* ./northbridge/intel/sandybridge/systemagent-r6.bin
The 3rd one should be renamed to mrc.bin.
As for the video ROM, you can get it `here`_ and rename it to vga.bin.
Make sure all these binary blobs are put in the board directory.
Now you can build U-Boot and obtain u-boot.rom::
$ make chromebook_link_defconfig
$ make all
.. _here:,0166.rom