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* Copyright (c) 2015-2019, ARM Limited and Contributors. All rights reserved.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
#ifndef AUTH_MOD_H
#define AUTH_MOD_H
#include <common/tbbr/cot_def.h>
#include <common/tbbr/tbbr_img_def.h>
#include <drivers/auth/auth_common.h>
#include <drivers/auth/img_parser_mod.h>
* Image flags
* Authentication image descriptor
typedef struct auth_img_desc_s {
unsigned int img_id;
img_type_t img_type;
const struct auth_img_desc_s *parent;
const auth_method_desc_t *const img_auth_methods;
const auth_param_desc_t *const authenticated_data;
} auth_img_desc_t;
/* Public functions */
void auth_mod_init(void);
int auth_mod_get_parent_id(unsigned int img_id, unsigned int *parent_id);
int auth_mod_verify_img(unsigned int img_id,
void *img_ptr,
unsigned int img_len);
/* Macro to register a CoT defined as an array of auth_img_desc_t pointers */
#define REGISTER_COT(_cot) \
const auth_img_desc_t *const *const cot_desc_ptr = (_cot); \
unsigned int auth_img_flags[MAX_NUMBER_IDS]
extern const auth_img_desc_t *const *const cot_desc_ptr;
extern unsigned int auth_img_flags[MAX_NUMBER_IDS];
#endif /* AUTH_MOD_H */