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Trusted Firmware-A (TF-A) is an Arm maintained project. All contributions are
ultimately merged by the maintainers listed below. Technical ownership of some
parts of the codebase is delegated to the sub-maintainers listed below. An
acknowledgement from these sub-maintainers may be required before the
maintainers merge a contribution.
Main maintainers
:M: Dan Handley <>
:G: `danh-arm`_
:M: Soby Mathew <>
:G: `soby-mathew`_
:M: Sandrine Bailleux <>
:G: `sandrine-bailleux-arm`_
:M: Alexei Fedorov <>
:G: `AlexeiFedorov`_
:M: Paul Beesley <>
:G: `pbeesley-arm`_
:M: John Tsichritzis <>
:G: `jts-arm`_
Allwinner ARMv8 platform port
:M: Andre Przywara <>
:G: `Andre-ARM`_
:M: Samuel Holland <>
:G: `smaeul`_
:F: docs/plat/allwinner.rst
:F: plat/allwinner/
:F: drivers/allwinner/
Amlogic Meson S905 (GXBB) platform port
:M: Andre Przywara <>
:G: `Andre-ARM`_
:F: docs/plat/meson-gxbb.rst
:F: drivers/amlogic/
:F: plat/amlogic/gxbb/
Amlogic Meson S905x (GXL) platform port
:M: Remi Pommarel <>
:G: `remi-triplefault`_
:F: docs/plat/meson-gxl.rst
:F: drivers/amlogic/gxl
:F: plat/amlogic/gxl/
Amlogic Meson S905X2 (G12A) platform port
:M: Carlo Caione <>
:G: `carlocaione`_
:F: docs/plat/meson-g12a.rst
:F: drivers/amlogic/g12a
:F: plat/amlogic/g12a/
Armv7-A architecture port
:M: Etienne Carriere <>
:G: `etienne-lms`_
Arm System Guidance for Infrastructure / Mobile FVP platforms
:M: Nariman Poushin <>
:G: `npoushin`_
:M: Thomas Abraham <>
:G: `thomas-arm`_
:F: plat/arm/css/sgi/
:F: plat/arm/css/sgm/
:F: plat/arm/board/sgi575/
:F: plat/arm/board/sgm775/
Console API framework
:M: Julius Werner <>
:G: `jwerner-chromium`_
:F: drivers/console/
:F: include/drivers/console.h
:F: plat/common/aarch64/crash_console_helpers.S
coreboot support libraries
:M: Julius Werner <>
:G: `jwerner-chromium`_
:F: drivers/coreboot/
:F: include/drivers/coreboot/
:F: include/lib/coreboot.h
:F: lib/coreboot/
eMMC/UFS drivers
:M: Haojian Zhuang <>
:G: `hzhuang1`_
:F: drivers/partition/
:F: drivers/synopsys/emmc/
:F: drivers/synopsys/ufs/
:F: drivers/ufs/
:F: include/drivers/dw_ufs.h
:F: include/drivers/ufs.h
:F: include/drivers/synopsys/dw_mmc.h
HiSilicon HiKey and HiKey960 platform ports
:M: Haojian Zhuang <>
:G: `hzhuang1`_
:F: docs/plat/hikey.rst
:F: docs/plat/hikey960.rst
:F: plat/hisilicon/hikey/
:F: plat/hisilicon/hikey960/
HiSilicon Poplar platform port
:M: Shawn Guo <>
:G: `shawnguo2`_
:F: docs/plat/poplar.rst
:F: plat/hisilicon/poplar/
Intel SocFPGA platform ports
:M: Tien Hock Loh <>
:G: `thloh85-intel`_
:M: Hadi Asyrafi <>
:G: mabdulha
:F: plat/intel/soc
:F: drivers/intel/soc/
MediaTek platform ports
:M: Yidi Lin (林以廸) <>
:G: `mtk09422`_
:F: plat/mediatek/
Marvell platform ports and SoC drivers
:M: Konstantin Porotchkin <>
:G: `kostapr`_
:F: docs/marvell/
:F: plat/marvell/
:F: drivers/marvell/
:F: tools/marvell/
NVidia platform ports
:M: Varun Wadekar <>
:G: `vwadekar`_
:F: docs/plat/nvidia-tegra.rst
:F: include/lib/cpus/aarch64/denver.h
:F: lib/cpus/aarch64/denver.S
:F: plat/nvidia/
NXP QorIQ Layerscape platform ports
:M: Jiafei Pan <>
:G: `qoriq-open-source`_
:F: docs/plat/ls1043a.rst
:F: plat/layerscape/
NXP i.MX 7 WaRP7 platform port and SoC drivers
:M: Bryan O'Donoghue <>
:G: `bryanodonoghue`_
:M: Jun Nie <>
:G: `niej`_
:F: docs/plat/warp7.rst
:F: plat/imx/common/
:F: plat/imx/imx7/
:F: drivers/imx/timer/
:F: drivers/imx/uart/
:F: drivers/imx/usdhc/
NXP i.MX 8 platform port
:M: Anson Huang <>
:G: `Anson-Huang`_
:F: docs/plat/imx8.rst
:F: plat/imx/
NXP i.MX8M platform port
:M: Jacky Bai <>
:G: `JackyBai`_
:F: doc/plat/imx8m.rst
:F: plat/imx/imx8m/
OP-TEE dispatcher
:M: Jens Wiklander <>
:G: `jenswi-linaro`_
:F: docs/spd/optee-dispatcher.rst
:F: services/spd/opteed/
QEMU platform port
:M: Jens Wiklander <>
:G: `jenswi-linaro`_
:F: docs/plat/qemu.rst
:F: plat/qemu/
Raspberry Pi 3 platform port
:M: Ying-Chun Liu (PaulLiu) <>
:G: `grandpaul`_
:F: docs/plat/rpi3.rst
:F: plat/rpi3/
:F: drivers/rpi3/
:F: include/drivers/rpi3/
Renesas rcar-gen3 platform port
:M: Jorge Ramirez-Ortiz <>
:G: `ldts`_
:M: Marek Vasut <>
:G: `marex`_
:F: docs/plat/rcar-gen3.rst
:F: plat/renesas/rcar
:F: drivers/renesas/rcar
:F: tools/renesas/rcar_layout_create
RockChip platform port
:M: Tony Xie <>
:G: `TonyXie06`_
:G: `rockchip-linux`_
:M: Heiko Stuebner <>
:G: `mmind`_
:F: plat/rockchip/
STM32MP1 platform port
:M: Yann Gautier <>
:G: `Yann-lms`_
:F: docs/plat/stm32mp1.rst
:F: drivers/st/
:F: fdts/stm32\*
:F: include/drivers/st/
:F: include/dt-bindings/\*/stm32\*
:F: plat/st/
:F: tools/stm32image/
Synquacer platform port
:M: Sumit Garg <>
:G: `b49020`_
:F: docs/plat/synquacer.rst
:F: plat/socionext/synquacer/
Texas Instruments platform port
:M: Andrew F. Davis <>
:G: `glneo`_
:F: docs/plat/ti-k3.rst
:F: plat/ti/
TLK/Trusty secure payloads
:M: Varun Wadekar <>
:G: `vwadekar`_
:F: docs/spd/tlk-dispatcher.rst
:F: docs/spd/trusty-dispatcher.rst
:F: include/bl32/payloads/tlk.h
:F: services/spd/tlkd/
:F: services/spd/trusty/
UniPhier platform port
:M: Masahiro Yamada <>
:G: `masahir0y`_
:F: docs/plat/socionext-uniphier.rst
:F: plat/socionext/uniphier/
Xilinx platform port
:M: Siva Durga Prasad Paladugu <>
:G: `sivadur`_
:F: docs/plat/xilinx-zynqmp.rst
:F: plat/xilinx/
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