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* Copyright (c) 2014-2019, ARM Limited and Contributors. All rights reserved.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
#include <arch.h>
#include <asm_macros.S>
#include <common/debug.h>
.globl asm_print_str
.globl asm_print_hex
.globl asm_print_hex_bits
.globl asm_print_newline
.globl asm_assert
.globl do_panic
/* Since the max decimal input number is 65536 */
#define MAX_DEC_DIVISOR 10000
/* The offset to add to get ascii for numerals '0 - 9' */
#define ASCII_OFFSET_NUM 0x30
.section .rodata.assert_str, "aS"
.asciz "ASSERT: File "
.asciz " Line "
* This macro is intended to be used to print the
* line number in decimal. Used by asm_assert macro.
* The max number expected is 65536.
* In: x4 = the decimal to print.
* Clobber: x30, x0, x1, x2, x5, x6
.macro asm_print_line_dec
mov x6, #10 /* Divide by 10 after every loop iteration */
udiv x0, x4, x5 /* Get the quotient */
msub x4, x0, x5, x4 /* Find the remainder */
add x0, x0, #ASCII_OFFSET_NUM /* Convert to ascii */
bl plat_crash_console_putc
udiv x5, x5, x6 /* Reduce divisor */
cbnz x5, dec_print_loop
/* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Assertion support in assembly.
* The below function helps to support assertions in assembly where we do not
* have a C runtime stack. Arguments to the function are :
* x0 - File name
* x1 - Line no
* Clobber list : x30, x0, x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6.
* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
func asm_assert
* Only print the output if LOG_LEVEL is higher or equal to
* LOG_LEVEL_INFO, which is the default value for builds with DEBUG=1.
mov x5, x0
mov x6, x1
/* Ensure the console is initialized */
bl plat_crash_console_init
/* Check if the console is initialized */
cbz x0, _assert_loop
/* The console is initialized */
adr x4, assert_msg1
bl asm_print_str
mov x4, x5
bl asm_print_str
adr x4, assert_msg2
bl asm_print_str
/* Check if line number higher than max permitted */
tst x6, #~0xffff _assert_loop
mov x4, x6
bl plat_crash_console_flush
#endif /* LOG_LEVEL >= LOG_LEVEL_INFO */
no_ret plat_panic_handler
endfunc asm_assert
* This function prints a string from address in x4.
* In: x4 = pointer to string.
* Clobber: x30, x0, x1, x2, x3
func asm_print_str
mov x3, x30
ldrb w0, [x4], #0x1
cbz x0, 2f
bl plat_crash_console_putc
b 1b
ret x3
endfunc asm_print_str
* This function prints a hexadecimal number in x4.
* In: x4 = the hexadecimal to print.
* Clobber: x30, x0 - x3, x5
func asm_print_hex
mov x5, #64 /* No of bits to convert to ascii */
/* Convert to ascii number of bits in x5 */
mov x3, x30
sub x5, x5, #4
lsrv x0, x4, x5
and x0, x0, #0xf
cmp x0, #0xA
b.lo 2f
/* Add by 0x27 in addition to ASCII_OFFSET_NUM
* to get ascii for characters 'a - f'.
add x0, x0, #0x27
add x0, x0, #ASCII_OFFSET_NUM
bl plat_crash_console_putc
cbnz x5, 1b
ret x3
endfunc asm_print_hex
* Helper function to print newline to console
* Clobber: x0
func asm_print_newline
mov x0, '\n'
b plat_crash_console_putc
endfunc asm_print_newline
* The common implementation of do_panic for all BL stages
.section .rodata.panic_str, "aS"
panic_msg: .asciz "PANIC at PC : 0x"
/* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
* do_panic assumes that it is invoked from a C Runtime Environment ie a
* valid stack exists. This call will not return.
* Clobber list : if CRASH_REPORTING is not enabled then x30, x0 - x6
* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
/* This is for the non el3 BL stages to compile through */
.weak el3_panic
func do_panic
str x0, [sp, #-0x10]!
mrs x0, currentel
ubfx x0, x0, #2, #2
cmp x0, #0x3
ldr x0, [sp], #0x10
b.eq el3_panic
* el3_panic will be redefined by the BL31
* crash reporting mechanism (if enabled)
mov x6, x30
bl plat_crash_console_init
/* Check if the console is initialized */
cbz x0, _panic_handler
/* The console is initialized */
adr x4, panic_msg
bl asm_print_str
mov x4, x6
/* The panic location is lr -4 */
sub x4, x4, #4
bl asm_print_hex
bl plat_crash_console_flush
/* Pass to plat_panic_handler the address from where el3_panic was
* called, not the address of the call from el3_panic. */
mov x30, x6
b plat_panic_handler
endfunc do_panic