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* Copyright (c) 2013-2019, ARM Limited and Contributors. All rights reserved.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
#ifndef CONSOLE_H
#define CONSOLE_H
#include <lib/utils_def.h>
#define CONSOLE_T_NEXT (U(0) * REGSZ)
#define CONSOLE_T_FLAGS (U(1) * REGSZ)
#define CONSOLE_T_PUTC (U(2) * REGSZ)
#define CONSOLE_T_GETC (U(3) * REGSZ)
#define CONSOLE_T_FLUSH (U(4) * REGSZ)
#define CONSOLE_FLAG_BOOT (U(1) << 0)
#define CONSOLE_FLAG_RUNTIME (U(1) << 1)
#define CONSOLE_FLAG_CRASH (U(1) << 2)
/* Bits 3 to 7 reserved for additional scopes in future expansion. */
#define CONSOLE_FLAG_SCOPE_MASK ((U(1) << 8) - 1)
/* Bits 8 to 31 for non-scope use. */
/* Returned by getc callbacks when receive FIFO is empty. */
/* Returned by console_xxx() if no registered console implements xxx. */
#ifndef __ASSEMBLER__
#include <stdint.h>
typedef struct console {
struct console *next;
* Only the low 32 bits are used. The type is u_register_t to align the
* fields of the struct to 64 bits in AArch64 and 32 bits in AArch32
u_register_t flags;
int (*const putc)(int character, struct console *console);
int (*const getc)(struct console *console);
int (*const flush)(struct console *console);
/* Additional private driver data may follow here. */
} console_t;
/* offset macro assertions for console_t */
#include <drivers/console_assertions.h>
* Add a console_t instance to the console list. This should only be called by
* console drivers after they have initialized all fields in the console
* structure. Platforms seeking to register a new console need to call the
* respective console__register() function instead.
int console_register(console_t *console);
/* Remove a single console_t instance from the console list. Return a pointer to
* the console that was removed if it was found, or NULL if not. */
console_t *console_unregister(console_t *console);
/* Returns 1 if this console is already registered, 0 if not */
int console_is_registered(console_t *console);
* Set scope mask of a console that determines in what states it is active.
* By default they are registered with (CONSOLE_FLAG_BOOT|CONSOLE_FLAG_CRASH).
void console_set_scope(console_t *console, unsigned int scope);
/* Switch to a new global console state (CONSOLE_FLAG_BOOT/RUNTIME/CRASH). */
void console_switch_state(unsigned int new_state);
/* Output a character on all consoles registered for the current state. */
int console_putc(int c);
/* Read a character (blocking) from any console registered for current state. */
int console_getc(void);
/* Flush all consoles registered for the current state. */
int console_flush(void);
#endif /* __ASSEMBLER__ */
#endif /* CONSOLE_H */