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* Copyright (c) 2016-2018, ARM Limited and Contributors. All rights reserved.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
#include <stdint.h>
#include <common/bl_common.h>
#include <common/param_header.h>
* Function and variable prototypes
#define DEVINFO_SIZE 4
#define LINUX_KERNEL_32 0
struct atf_arg_t {
unsigned int atf_magic;
unsigned int tee_support;
unsigned int tee_entry;
unsigned int tee_boot_arg_addr;
unsigned int hwuid[4]; /* HW Unique id for t-base used */
unsigned int HRID[2]; /* HW random id for t-base used */
unsigned int atf_log_port;
unsigned int atf_log_baudrate;
unsigned int atf_log_buf_start;
unsigned int atf_log_buf_size;
unsigned int atf_irq_num;
unsigned int devinfo[DEVINFO_SIZE];
unsigned int atf_aee_debug_buf_start;
unsigned int atf_aee_debug_buf_size;
struct kernel_info {
uint64_t pc;
uint64_t r0;
uint64_t r1;
uint64_t r2;
uint64_t k32_64;
struct mtk_bl_param_t {
uint64_t bootarg_loc;
uint64_t bootarg_size;
uint64_t bl33_start_addr;
uint64_t tee_info_addr;
struct mtk_bl31_params {
param_header_t h;
image_info_t *bl31_image_info;
entry_point_info_t *bl32_ep_info;
image_info_t *bl32_image_info;
entry_point_info_t *bl33_ep_info;
image_info_t *bl33_image_info;
/* Declarations for mtk_plat_common.c */
uint32_t plat_get_spsr_for_bl32_entry(void);
uint32_t plat_get_spsr_for_bl33_entry(void);
void clean_top_32b_of_param(uint32_t smc_fid, u_register_t *x1,
u_register_t *x2,
u_register_t *x3,
u_register_t *x4);
void bl31_prepare_kernel_entry(uint64_t k32_64);
void enable_ns_access_to_cpuectlr(void);
void boot_to_kernel(uint64_t x1, uint64_t x2, uint64_t x3, uint64_t x4);
uint64_t get_kernel_info_pc(void);
uint64_t get_kernel_info_r0(void);
uint64_t get_kernel_info_r1(void);
uint64_t get_kernel_info_r2(void);
extern struct atf_arg_t gteearg;
#endif /* MTK_PLAT_COMMON_H */