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* Copyright (c) 2014, ARM Limited and Contributors. All rights reserved.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
#ifndef IO_DRIVER_H
#define IO_DRIVER_H
#include <stdint.h>
#include <drivers/io/io_storage.h>
/* Generic IO entity structure,representing an accessible IO construct on the
* device, such as a file */
typedef struct io_entity {
struct io_dev_info *dev_handle;
uintptr_t info;
} io_entity_t;
/* Device info structure, providing device-specific functions and a means of
* adding driver-specific state */
typedef struct io_dev_info {
const struct io_dev_funcs *funcs;
uintptr_t info;
} io_dev_info_t;
/* Structure used to create a connection to a type of device */
typedef struct io_dev_connector {
/* dev_open opens a connection to a particular device driver */
int (*dev_open)(const uintptr_t dev_spec, io_dev_info_t **dev_info);
} io_dev_connector_t;
/* Structure to hold device driver function pointers */
typedef struct io_dev_funcs {
io_type_t (*type)(void);
int (*open)(io_dev_info_t *dev_info, const uintptr_t spec,
io_entity_t *entity);
int (*seek)(io_entity_t *entity, int mode, ssize_t offset);
int (*size)(io_entity_t *entity, size_t *length);
int (*read)(io_entity_t *entity, uintptr_t buffer, size_t length,
size_t *length_read);
int (*write)(io_entity_t *entity, const uintptr_t buffer,
size_t length, size_t *length_written);
int (*close)(io_entity_t *entity);
int (*dev_init)(io_dev_info_t *dev_info, const uintptr_t init_params);
int (*dev_close)(io_dev_info_t *dev_info);
} io_dev_funcs_t;
/* Operations intended to be performed during platform initialisation */
/* Register an IO device */
int io_register_device(const io_dev_info_t *dev_info);
#endif /* IO_DRIVER_H */