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* Copyright (c) 2017-2019, ARM Limited and Contributors. All rights reserved.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
#include <context.h>
* Constants that allow assembler code to preserve callee-saved registers of the
* C runtime context while performing a security state switch.
#define SP_C_RT_CTX_X19 0x0
#define SP_C_RT_CTX_X20 0x8
#define SP_C_RT_CTX_X21 0x10
#define SP_C_RT_CTX_X22 0x18
#define SP_C_RT_CTX_X23 0x20
#define SP_C_RT_CTX_X24 0x28
#define SP_C_RT_CTX_X25 0x30
#define SP_C_RT_CTX_X26 0x38
#define SP_C_RT_CTX_X27 0x40
#define SP_C_RT_CTX_X28 0x48
#define SP_C_RT_CTX_X29 0x50
#define SP_C_RT_CTX_X30 0x58
#define SP_C_RT_CTX_SIZE 0x60
/* Value returned by spm_sp_synchronous_entry() when a partition is preempted */
#ifndef __ASSEMBLER__
#include <stdint.h>
#include <lib/xlat_tables/xlat_tables_v2.h>
#include <lib/spinlock.h>
#include <services/sp_res_desc.h>
typedef enum sp_state {
} sp_state_t;
typedef struct sp_context {
/* 1 if the partition is present, 0 otherwise */
int is_present;
/* Location of the image in physical memory */
unsigned long long image_base;
size_t image_size;
uint64_t c_rt_ctx;
cpu_context_t cpu_ctx;
struct sp_res_desc rd;
/* Translation tables context */
xlat_ctx_t *xlat_ctx_handle;
spinlock_t xlat_ctx_lock;
sp_state_t state;
spinlock_t state_lock;
unsigned int request_count;
spinlock_t request_count_lock;
/* Base and size of the shared SPM<->SP buffer */
uintptr_t spm_sp_buffer_base;
size_t spm_sp_buffer_size;
spinlock_t spm_sp_buffer_lock;
} sp_context_t;
/* Functions used to enter/exit a Secure Partition synchronously */
uint64_t spm_sp_synchronous_entry(sp_context_t *sp_ctx, int can_preempt);
__dead2 void spm_sp_synchronous_exit(uint64_t rc);
/* Assembly helpers */
uint64_t spm_secure_partition_enter(uint64_t *c_rt_ctx);
void __dead2 spm_secure_partition_exit(uint64_t c_rt_ctx, uint64_t ret);
/* Secure Partition setup */
void spm_sp_setup(sp_context_t *sp_ctx);
/* Secure Partition state management helpers */
void sp_state_set(sp_context_t *sp_ptr, sp_state_t state);
void sp_state_wait_switch(sp_context_t *sp_ptr, sp_state_t from, sp_state_t to);
int sp_state_try_switch(sp_context_t *sp_ptr, sp_state_t from, sp_state_t to);
/* Functions to keep track of the number of active requests per SP */
void spm_sp_request_increase(sp_context_t *sp_ctx);
void spm_sp_request_decrease(sp_context_t *sp_ctx);
int spm_sp_request_increase_if_zero(sp_context_t *sp_ctx);
/* Functions related to the shim layer translation tables */
void spm_exceptions_xlat_init_context(void);
uint64_t *spm_exceptions_xlat_get_base_table(void);
/* Functions related to the translation tables management */
void spm_sp_xlat_context_alloc(sp_context_t *sp_ctx);
void sp_map_memory_regions(sp_context_t *sp_ctx);
/* Functions to handle Secure Partition contexts */
void spm_cpu_set_sp_ctx(unsigned int linear_id, sp_context_t *sp_ctx);
sp_context_t *spm_cpu_get_sp_ctx(unsigned int linear_id);
sp_context_t *spm_sp_get_by_uuid(const uint32_t (*svc_uuid)[4]);
/* Functions to manipulate response and requests buffers */
int spm_response_add(uint16_t client_id, uint16_t handle, uint32_t token,
u_register_t x1, u_register_t x2, u_register_t x3);
int spm_response_get(uint16_t client_id, uint16_t handle, uint32_t token,
u_register_t *x1, u_register_t *x2, u_register_t *x3);
#endif /* __ASSEMBLER__ */
#endif /* SPM_PRIVATE_H */