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* Copyright (c) 2018, ARM Limited and Contributors. All rights reserved.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
#include <arch.h>
#include <asm_macros.S>
#include <drivers/arm/gicv3.h>
#include <platform_def.h>
.globl plat_secondary_cold_boot_setup
.globl plat_is_my_cpu_primary
.globl versal_calc_core_pos
.globl platform_mem_init
.globl plat_my_core_pos
/* -----------------------------------------------------
* void plat_secondary_cold_boot_setup (void);
* This function performs any platform specific actions
* needed for a secondary cpu after a cold reset e.g
* mark the cpu's presence, mechanism to place it in a
* holding pen etc.
* TODO: Should we read the PSYS register to make sure
* that the request has gone through.
* -----------------------------------------------------
func plat_secondary_cold_boot_setup
mrs x0, mpidr_el1
* There is no sane reason to come out of this wfi. This
* cpu will be powered on and reset by the cpu_on pm api
dsb sy
bl plat_panic_handler
endfunc plat_secondary_cold_boot_setup
func plat_is_my_cpu_primary
mov x9, x30
bl plat_my_core_pos
cset x0, eq
ret x9
endfunc plat_is_my_cpu_primary
/* -----------------------------------------------------
* unsigned int plat_my_core_pos(void)
* This function uses the versal_calc_core_pos()
* definition to get the index of the calling CPU.
* -----------------------------------------------------
func plat_my_core_pos
mrs x0, mpidr_el1
b versal_calc_core_pos
endfunc plat_my_core_pos
func versal_calc_core_pos
and x1, x0, #MPIDR_CPU_MASK
add x0, x1, x0, LSR #6
endfunc versal_calc_core_pos
/* ---------------------------------------------------------------------
* We don't need to carry out any memory initialization on VERSAL
* platform. The Secure RAM is accessible straight away.
* ---------------------------------------------------------------------
func platform_mem_init
endfunc platform_mem_init