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-*- outline -*-
Some collected notes porting plugins to GStreamer 0.9.
* General notes
Consider using the base classes. There are base classes for sources,
sinks, and "transformers", which are plugins that have the same caps on
their source and sink sides.
These base classes offer interfaces that are much more appropriate to
the function of specific plugins than the general GstElement interface.
* Functions that changed
** gst_pad_use_explicit_caps
** gst_pad_set_explicit_caps
Not needed; just set the caps on the first buffer you push out.
** gst_element_set_loop_function
Use gst_pad_set_loop_function. Note that loop-based elements participate
more in the scheduling process in 0.9, so you'll need to add hooks to
the activate function to start up a task.
_get_ accessors
GValue, GstObject, and refcounts (arrrrgh)