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Presentation ideas for GUADEC 4 (thomasvs, April 8 2002)
* use gst-editor to create pipelines that make a karaoke machine
in different steps and using different features
1) pipeline 1: play the free software song by Richard Stallman
2) pipeline 2: do the same but add a visualization plugin
3) create a small video using actual RMS footage
4) pipeline 3: play this video and the song together
5) Stallman is a bit hard to understand. We want text.
pipeline 4: use the subtitle reader to overlay text
maybe also do a bouncing ball overlay !
6) Stallman can't sing. Let's pitch-shift him.
this will need MIDI or dynparams to control a pitch shifter
7) It sounds better, but still not quite there. Replace him with a festival
voice doing the pitch shifting.