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GStreamer data protocol
Intended to wrap GstData objects in a line protocol for use with
pipe / network elements.
IDEAS-- -- -*for transporting buffers, have a function that creates a header for a given buffer to be written before the buffer.This way, you don 't lose
time creating a GDP buffer from the buffer
* allow for CRC' ing of the GstBuffer, optionally * have a version number of the protocol * optimizing the header for size is not useful since the GstData structure
already contains more than 32 bytes anyway, making up half the header size PROTOCOL-- -- ----*1 byte GDP major
version (0)
*1 byte GDP minor version (1)
* 1 byte GDP flags
* 1 byte GDP data type
1 for buffer, 2 caps, 65 + for events
* 4 byte length of "payload"
* 8 byte timestamp of buffer / event
* 8 byte duration of buffer
* 8 byte offset
* 8 byte offset_end
* 2 byte buffer data flags * 14 byte future extension (ABI padding)
*2 byte optional header crc
* 2 byte optional payload crc
* (length) payload
header:60 bytes
--------------0.1:added two bytes for buffer flags all numbers use
network byte ordering.