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Plugin Docs
In contrast to normal gtk-doc workflow modules will include
common/gtk-doc-plugins.mak. This provides an additional 'make udpate' target.
the "make update" target calls
1.) common/gstdoc-scangobj --type-init-func="gst_init(NULL,NULL)" --module=$(DOC_MODULE) --source=$(PACKAGE)
common/ $(DOC_MODULE)
the "tmpl" target is modified to run this extra step after "gtkdoc-mktmpl":
2.) common/ $(srcdir)/inspect tmpl
and the "sgml" target is modified to run this step before "gtkdoc-mkdb":
3.) for a in $(srcdir)/inspect/*.xml; do \
xsltproc --stringparam module $(MODULE) $(top_srcdir)/common/plugins.xsl $$a > xml/`basename $$a`;
1a.) gstdoc-scangobj
- get types from registry instead of .types file
- outputs inspect/plugin-<pluginname>.xml files
- outputs signal and args files
- parse, update and write .signals and .args files
- read data from inspect/plugin-<pluginname>.xml
- insert/overwrite "Short Description" and "Long Description" in tmpl/
- the "Long Description" contains a <xi:include> for xml/element-<name>-details.xml
3.) common/plugins.xsl
- creates xml/plugin-<name>.xml and xml/element-<name>-details.xml
- -> gstdoc-scangobj
- need a way to skip the tmpl step
- gtkdoc-mkdb needs a way to insert extra content
- maybe patch generated xml/*.xml files
- could common/plugins.xsl patch the files?
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