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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
=head1 NAME
dh_gstscancodecs - enumerate and classify gstreamer codecs
use strict;
use Debian::Debhelper::Dh_Lib;
use File::Temp;
dh_gstscancodecs [debhelper options]
This program is meant to assist in building a package that provides
codecs, demultiplexers and other media-handling components for
gstreamer-based applications.
dh_gstscancodecs generates substitution variable for debian/control,
by scanning libraries /usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0/*.so and
The generated substitution variables are
=over 4
=item gstreamer:Version
Should be added to XB-GStreamer-Version
=item gstreamer:Elements
Should be added to XB-GStreamer-Elements
=item gstreamer:Provides
Should be added to Provides
=item gstreamer:URISources
Should be added to XB-GStreamer-URI-Sources
=item gstreamer:URISinks
Should be added to XB-GStreamer-URI-Sinks
=item gstreamer:Encoders
Should be added to XB-GStreamer-Encoders
=item gstreamer:Decoders
Should be added to XB-GStreamer-Decoders
This control fields will be used by the /usr/bin/gstreamer-codec-install
helper to install required missing GStreamer elements.
=head1 OPTIONS
The standard debhelper options are supported.
my $deb_host_multiarch = `dpkg-architecture -qDEB_HOST_MULTIARCH`;
chop $deb_host_multiarch;
$::pluginlibdirprefix = '/usr/lib/'.$deb_host_multiarch.'/gstreamer-';
$::pluginlibdirlegacy = '/usr/lib/gstreamer-';
foreach my $package (@{$dh{DOPACKAGES}}) {
my $tmp = tmpdir($package);
delsubstvar($package, "gstreamer:Version");
delsubstvar($package, "gstreamer:URISinks");
delsubstvar($package, "gstreamer:URISources");
delsubstvar($package, "gstreamer:Encoders");
delsubstvar($package, "gstreamer:Decoders");
foreach my $sodir (glob "$tmp$::pluginlibdirprefix* $tmp$::pluginlibdirlegacy*") {
my $gstversion = $sodir;
$gstversion =~ s/^$tmp$::pluginlibdirprefix//;
$gstversion =~ s/^$tmp$::pluginlibdirlegacy//;
verbose_print("# gstreamer version $gstversion");
my (undef, $tmpfile) = File::Temp::tempfile("/tmp/".basename($0).".XXXX", UNLINK => 1);
my (undef, $registryfile) = File::Temp::tempfile("/tmp/".basename($0).".XXXX", UNLINK => 1);
my $command="GST_REGISTRY=$registryfile GST_PLUGIN_SYSTEM_PATH= GST_PLUGIN_PATH=$sodir gst-codec-info-$gstversion " . join(' ', (glob "$sodir/*.so")) . " > $tmpfile";
if ($?) {
my $output;
local *F;
open(F, $tmpfile);
local $/;
$output = <F>;
die("gst-codec-info-$gstversion call failed: '".$command."' rc: $? output: $output");
local *F;
open(F, $tmpfile);
my ($variable, $value);
while(<F>) {
$variable = $1 if /([a-zA-Z]*:[a-zA-Z]*)=/;
$value = $2 if /([a-zA-Z]*:[a-zA-Z]*)=(.*)\n/;
addsubstvar($package, $variable, $value);
=head1 SEE ALSO
This program is an extension to debhelper.
=head1 AUTHOR
Ian Jackson <>
Sebastian Dröge <>