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<title>GStreamer Overview: GStreamer 1.0 Core Reference Manual</title>
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<span class="refentrytitle"><a href="gst-building.html">Building GStreamer and GStreamer Applications</a></span><span class="refpurpose">
How to build the GStreamer framework and applications using it.
<span class="refentrytitle"><a href="gst-running.html">Running GStreamer Applications</a></span><span class="refpurpose">
How to run and debug your GStreamer application
GStreamer is a streaming media framework.
It uses graphs of elements which operate on data.
The functionality to process media is provided by plug-ins which provide
features like elements, typefinding, and so on.
This allows new functionality to be added simply by installing new plug-ins.
GStreamer is cross-platform and works on most UNIX-like platforms as well as
Windows. It is released under the GNU Library General Public License
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