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The files
are taken from the vasnprintf module of the GNUlib package, which can
be found at:
All files have been modified to include g-gnulib.h.
vasnprintf.c has also been modified to include support for long long
printing if the system printf doesn't. This code is protected by
Code has been added to printf-args.[ch], printf-parse.c and vasnprintf.c
to support printing of __int64 values with the I64 format modifier. This
is protected by #ifdef HAVE_INT64_AND_I64.
The files
have been written by me. printf.[hc] contain implementations of the
remaining functions in the printf family based on vasnprintf.
g-gnulib.h is included by all source files in order to move all
exported functions to the _g_gnulib namespace, replace malloc by
g_malloc and make sure that snprintf is only used if it implements
C99 return value semantics.
Matthias Clasen
November 1, 2003
GStreamer modifications
This was imported from GLib's gnulib subdirectory.
g-gnulib.h and _g_gnulib namespace has been changed to gst-printf.h and
__gst_printf namespace for GStreamer. Also #define HAVE_SNPRINTF 0 has
been changed to #undef HAVE_SNPRINTF, and HAVE_ALLOCA has been replaced
by an #if defined(alloca) || defined(GLIB_HAVE_ALLOCA_H)
printf-extension.[ch] were added to provide support for custom pointer
arguments (e.g. caps, events, etc.)
Files have also been indented with gst-indent, so this is basically a
permanent fork and any patches will have to be merged manually.
March 30, 2013.