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<title>Building GStreamer and GStreamer Applications: GStreamer 1.0 Core Reference Manual</title>
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<h2><span class="refentrytitle">Building GStreamer and GStreamer Applications</span></h2>
<p>Building GStreamer and GStreamer Applications —
How to build the GStreamer framework and applications using it.
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<a name="id-"></a><h2>Building GStreamer on UNIX</h2>
On UNIX, GStreamer uses the standard GNU build system,
using <span class="application">autoconf</span> for package
configuration and resolving portability issues,
<span class="application">automake</span> for building makefiles
that comply with the GNU Coding Standards, and
<span class="application">libtool</span> for building shared
libraries on multiple platforms. The normal sequence for
compiling and installing the GStreamer library is thus:
<div class="literallayout"><p><br>
      <strong class="userinput"><code>./configure</code></strong><br>
      <strong class="userinput"><code>make</code></strong><br>
      <strong class="userinput"><code>make install</code></strong><br>
The standard options provided by <span class="application">GNU
autoconf</span> may be passed to the
<span class="command"><strong>configure</strong></span> script. Please see the
<span class="application">autoconf</span> documentation or run
<span class="command"><strong>./configure --help</strong></span> for information about
the standard options.
In addition there are several options to activate or deactivate features.
E.g. passing <code class="option">--disable-gst-debug</code> to <span class="command"><strong>configure</strong></span>
will turn the debugging subsystem into a non-functional stub and remove all
macro based invocations from within the library (and anything compiled
against the library afterwards.)
If library size matters and one builds in a controlled environment, it is
also possible to totally remove subsystem code. This is intentionally not
offered as a configure option as it causes an ABI break. Code built against
a version of GStreamer without these modifications needs to be recompiled.
<div class="literallayout"><p><br>
      <strong class="userinput"><code>make CFLAGS="-DGST_REMOVE_DEPRECATED -DGST_REMOVE_DISABLED"</code></strong><br>
<div class="itemizedlist"><ul class="itemizedlist" style="list-style-type: disc; ">
<li class="listitem"><p>
<span class="symbol">GST_REMOVE_DEPRECATED</span> - Omit deprecated functions
from the library.
<li class="listitem"><p>
<span class="symbol">GST_REMOVE_DISABLED</span> - Omit stubs for disabled
subsystems from the library.
<div class="refsect1">
<a name="id-"></a><h2>Building GStreamer Applications</h2>
Applications and libraries can use <span class="command"><strong>pkg-config</strong></span> to get all the
needed compiler and linker flags to build against GStreamer. Please note that
GStreamer is split into several libraries itself.
<span class="command"><strong>pkg-config --list-all | grep gstreamer</strong></span> will list the
available libraries.
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