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/* GStreamer
* Copyright (C) 1999,2000 Erik Walthinsen <>
* 2000 Wim Taymans <>
* gstbasesink.h:
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Library General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public
* License along with this library; if not, write to the
* Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor,
* Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
#ifndef __GST_BASE_SINK_H__
#define __GST_BASE_SINK_H__
#include <gst/gst.h>
#define GST_TYPE_BASE_SINK (gst_base_sink_get_type())
#define GST_BASE_SINK_CAST(obj) ((GstBaseSink *) (obj))
* @obj: base sink instance
* Gives the pointer to the #GstPad object of the element.
#define GST_BASE_SINK_PAD(obj) (GST_BASE_SINK_CAST (obj)->sinkpad)
#define GST_BASE_SINK_GET_PREROLL_LOCK(pad) (&GST_BASE_SINK_CAST(pad)->preroll_lock)
#define GST_BASE_SINK_GET_PREROLL_COND(pad) (&GST_BASE_SINK_CAST(pad)->preroll_cond)
#define GST_BASE_SINK_PREROLL_WAIT_UNTIL(pad, end_time) \
g_cond_wait_until (GST_BASE_SINK_GET_PREROLL_COND (pad), GST_BASE_SINK_GET_PREROLL_LOCK (pad), end_time)
typedef struct _GstBaseSink GstBaseSink;
typedef struct _GstBaseSinkClass GstBaseSinkClass;
typedef struct _GstBaseSinkPrivate GstBaseSinkPrivate;
* GstBaseSink:
* The opaque #GstBaseSink data structure.
struct _GstBaseSink {
GstElement element;
/*< protected >*/
GstPad *sinkpad;
GstPadMode pad_mode;
/*< protected >*/ /* with LOCK */
guint64 offset;
gboolean can_activate_pull;
gboolean can_activate_push;
/*< protected >*/ /* with PREROLL_LOCK */
GMutex preroll_lock;
GCond preroll_cond;
gboolean eos;
gboolean need_preroll;
gboolean have_preroll;
gboolean playing_async;
/*< protected >*/ /* with STREAM_LOCK */
gboolean have_newsegment;
GstSegment segment;
/*< private >*/ /* with LOCK */
GstClockID clock_id;
gboolean sync;
gboolean flushing;
gboolean running;
gint64 max_lateness;
/*< private >*/
GstBaseSinkPrivate *priv;
gpointer _gst_reserved[GST_PADDING_LARGE];
* GstBaseSinkClass:
* @parent_class: Element parent class
* @get_caps: Called to get sink pad caps from the subclass
* @set_caps: Notify subclass of changed caps
* @fixate: Only useful in pull mode. Implement if you have
* ideas about what should be the default values for the caps you support.
* @activate_pull: Subclasses should override this when they can provide an
* alternate method of spawning a thread to drive the pipeline in pull mode.
* Should start or stop the pulling thread, depending on the value of the
* "active" argument. Called after actually activating the sink pad in pull
* mode. The default implementation starts a task on the sink pad.
* @get_times: Called to get the start and end times for synchronising
* the passed buffer to the clock
* @propose_allocation: configure the allocation query
* @start: Start processing. Ideal for opening resources in the subclass
* @stop: Stop processing. Subclasses should use this to close resources.
* @unlock: Unlock any pending access to the resource. Subclasses should
* unblock any blocked function ASAP
* @unlock_stop: Clear the previous unlock request. Subclasses should clear
* any state they set during unlock(), such as clearing command queues.
* @query: perform a #GstQuery on the element.
* @event: Override this to handle events arriving on the sink pad
* @wait_event: Override this to implement custom logic to wait for the event
* time (for events like EOS and GAP). Subclasses should always first
* chain up to the default implementation.
* @prepare: Called to prepare the buffer for @render and @preroll. This
* function is called before synchronisation is performed.
* @prepare_list: Called to prepare the buffer list for @render_list. This
* function is called before synchronisation is performed.
* @preroll: Called to present the preroll buffer if desired.
* @render: Called when a buffer should be presented or output, at the
* correct moment if the #GstBaseSink has been set to sync to the clock.
* @render_list: Same as @render but used with buffer lists instead of
* buffers.
* Subclasses can override any of the available virtual methods or not, as
* needed. At the minimum, the @render method should be overridden to
* output/present buffers.
struct _GstBaseSinkClass {
GstElementClass parent_class;
/* get caps from subclass */
GstCaps* (*get_caps) (GstBaseSink *sink, GstCaps *filter);
/* notify subclass of new caps */
gboolean (*set_caps) (GstBaseSink *sink, GstCaps *caps);
/* fixate sink caps during pull-mode negotiation */
GstCaps * (*fixate) (GstBaseSink *sink, GstCaps *caps);
/* start or stop a pulling thread */
gboolean (*activate_pull)(GstBaseSink *sink, gboolean active);
/* get the start and end times for syncing on this buffer */
void (*get_times) (GstBaseSink *sink, GstBuffer *buffer,
GstClockTime *start, GstClockTime *end);
/* propose allocation parameters for upstream */
gboolean (*propose_allocation) (GstBaseSink *sink, GstQuery *query);
/* start and stop processing, ideal for opening/closing the resource */
gboolean (*start) (GstBaseSink *sink);
gboolean (*stop) (GstBaseSink *sink);
/* unlock any pending access to the resource. subclasses should unlock
* any function ASAP. */
gboolean (*unlock) (GstBaseSink *sink);
/* Clear a previously indicated unlock request not that unlocking is
* complete. Sub-classes should clear any command queue or indicator they
* set during unlock */
gboolean (*unlock_stop) (GstBaseSink *sink);
/* notify subclass of query */
gboolean (*query) (GstBaseSink *sink, GstQuery *query);
/* notify subclass of event */
gboolean (*event) (GstBaseSink *sink, GstEvent *event);
/* wait for eos or gap, subclasses should chain up to parent first */
GstFlowReturn (*wait_event) (GstBaseSink *sink, GstEvent *event);
/* notify subclass of buffer or list before doing sync */
GstFlowReturn (*prepare) (GstBaseSink *sink, GstBuffer *buffer);
GstFlowReturn (*prepare_list) (GstBaseSink *sink, GstBufferList *buffer_list);
/* notify subclass of preroll buffer or real buffer */
GstFlowReturn (*preroll) (GstBaseSink *sink, GstBuffer *buffer);
GstFlowReturn (*render) (GstBaseSink *sink, GstBuffer *buffer);
/* Render a BufferList */
GstFlowReturn (*render_list) (GstBaseSink *sink, GstBufferList *buffer_list);
/*< private >*/
gpointer _gst_reserved[GST_PADDING_LARGE];
GType gst_base_sink_get_type(void);
GstFlowReturn gst_base_sink_do_preroll (GstBaseSink *sink, GstMiniObject *obj);
GstFlowReturn gst_base_sink_wait_preroll (GstBaseSink *sink);
/* synchronizing against the clock */
void gst_base_sink_set_sync (GstBaseSink *sink, gboolean sync);
gboolean gst_base_sink_get_sync (GstBaseSink *sink);
/* dropping late buffers */
void gst_base_sink_set_max_lateness (GstBaseSink *sink, gint64 max_lateness);
gint64 gst_base_sink_get_max_lateness (GstBaseSink *sink);
/* performing QoS */
void gst_base_sink_set_qos_enabled (GstBaseSink *sink, gboolean enabled);
gboolean gst_base_sink_is_qos_enabled (GstBaseSink *sink);
/* doing async state changes */
void gst_base_sink_set_async_enabled (GstBaseSink *sink, gboolean enabled);
gboolean gst_base_sink_is_async_enabled (GstBaseSink *sink);
/* tuning synchronisation */
void gst_base_sink_set_ts_offset (GstBaseSink *sink, GstClockTimeDiff offset);
GstClockTimeDiff gst_base_sink_get_ts_offset (GstBaseSink *sink);
/* last sample */
GstSample * gst_base_sink_get_last_sample (GstBaseSink *sink);
void gst_base_sink_set_last_sample_enabled (GstBaseSink *sink, gboolean enabled);
gboolean gst_base_sink_is_last_sample_enabled (GstBaseSink *sink);
/* latency */
gboolean gst_base_sink_query_latency (GstBaseSink *sink, gboolean *live, gboolean *upstream_live,
GstClockTime *min_latency, GstClockTime *max_latency);
GstClockTime gst_base_sink_get_latency (GstBaseSink *sink);
/* render delay */
void gst_base_sink_set_render_delay (GstBaseSink *sink, GstClockTime delay);
GstClockTime gst_base_sink_get_render_delay (GstBaseSink *sink);
/* blocksize */
void gst_base_sink_set_blocksize (GstBaseSink *sink, guint blocksize);
guint gst_base_sink_get_blocksize (GstBaseSink *sink);
/* throttle-time */
void gst_base_sink_set_throttle_time (GstBaseSink *sink, guint64 throttle);
guint64 gst_base_sink_get_throttle_time (GstBaseSink *sink);
/* max-bitrate */
void gst_base_sink_set_max_bitrate (GstBaseSink *sink, guint64 max_bitrate);
guint64 gst_base_sink_get_max_bitrate (GstBaseSink *sink);
GstClockReturn gst_base_sink_wait_clock (GstBaseSink *sink, GstClockTime time,
GstClockTimeDiff * jitter);
GstFlowReturn gst_base_sink_wait (GstBaseSink *sink, GstClockTime time,
GstClockTimeDiff *jitter);
#endif /* __GST_BASE_SINK_H__ */