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This plugin is intended for use with NVIDIA hardware. Specifically, the NVENC
block available in recent NVIDIA GPU hardware. This is provided by a
libnvidia-encode library provided by NVIDIA graphic drivers.
Cuda > 6.5
See for a list of
supported GPU's.
1. Retrieve the NVENC SDK
2. unzip this somewhere and retreive or note the location of the
nvEncodeAPI.h under nvenc_api-5.0.1/Samples/common/inc/
3. Retreive a version of cuda from and install somewhere noting
the installation prefix (typically /opt/cuda or /usr/local/cuda)
4. Now that the dependencies are sorted, there are a couple of
environment variables and/or or configure arguments that are needed to
detect the necessary libraries/headers.
More information is available from the following locations
[1] -
[2] -