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### 1.8.1
The first 1.8 bug-fix release (1.8.1) was released on 20 April 2016.
This release only contains bugfixes and it should be safe to update from 1.8.0.
#### Major bugfixes in 1.8.1
- Fix app compilation with Android NDK r11 and newer
- Fix compilation of nvenc plugin against latest NVIDIA SDK 6.0
- Fix regression in avdeinterlace
- Fix memory corruption in scaletempo element with S16 input
- Fix regression in qtdemux with MSE streams
- Fix glitches at the start with all audio sinks except for pulsesink
- Fix regression with encrypted HLS streams
- Fix automatic multithreaded decoding of VP8/9 video
- Fix deadlock in HTTP adaptive streams when scrub-seeking
- Fix regression in RTSP source with SRTP
- Add support for SRTP rollover counters in the RTSP source
- Add support for HiDPI ("Retina") screens in caopengllayersink
- ... and many more!
For a full list of bugfixes see [Bugzilla][buglist-1.8.1].