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The Hello World demo application provides a sanity check for the new SDK build environments and board bring up. The Hello
World demo prints the "Hello World" string to the terminal using the SDK UART drivers. The purpose of this demo is to
show how to use the UART, and to provide a simple project for debugging and further development.
Note: Please input one character at a time. If you input too many characters each time, the receiver may overflow
because the low level UART uses simple polling way for receiving. If you want to try inputting many characters each time,
just define DEBUG_CONSOLE_TRANSFER_NON_BLOCKING in your project to use the advanced debug console utility.
Toolchain supported
- GCC ARM Embedded 9.2.1
- IAR embedded Workbench 8.50.1
Hardware requirements
- Micro USB cable
- MIMX8MQ6-EVK board
- J-Link Debug Probe
- 12V power supply
- Personal Computer
Board settings
No special settings are required.
Prepare the Demo
1. Connect 12V power supply and J-Link Debug Probe to the board, switch SW701 to power on the board
2. Connect a USB cable between the host PC and the J1701 USB port on the target board.
3. Open a serial terminal with the following settings:
- 115200 baud rate
- 8 data bits
- No parity
- One stop bit
- No flow control
4. Download the program to the target board.
5. Launch the debugger in your IDE to begin running the demo.
Running the demo
The log below shows the output of the hello world demo in the terminal window:
hello world.
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