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* Copyright (c) 2005-2014 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
* Copyright (c) 2014- QLogic Corporation.
* All rights reserved
* Linux driver for QLogic BR-series Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
* WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* General Public License for more details.
#ifndef __BFA_H__
#define __BFA_H__
#include "bfad_drv.h"
#include "bfa_cs.h"
#include "bfa_plog.h"
#include "bfa_defs_svc.h"
#include "bfi.h"
#include "bfa_ioc.h"
struct bfa_s;
typedef void (*bfa_isr_func_t) (struct bfa_s *bfa, struct bfi_msg_s *m);
typedef void (*bfa_cb_cbfn_status_t) (void *cbarg, bfa_status_t status);
* Interrupt message handlers
void bfa_isr_unhandled(struct bfa_s *bfa, struct bfi_msg_s *m);
* Request and response queue related defines
#define bfa_reqq_pi(__bfa, __reqq) ((__bfa)->iocfc.req_cq_pi[__reqq])
#define bfa_reqq_ci(__bfa, __reqq) \
(*(u32 *)((__bfa)->iocfc.req_cq_shadow_ci[__reqq].kva))
#define bfa_reqq_full(__bfa, __reqq) \
(((bfa_reqq_pi(__bfa, __reqq) + 1) & \
((__bfa)->iocfc.cfg.drvcfg.num_reqq_elems - 1)) == \
bfa_reqq_ci(__bfa, __reqq))
#define bfa_reqq_next(__bfa, __reqq) \
(bfa_reqq_full(__bfa, __reqq) ? NULL : \
((void *)((struct bfi_msg_s *)((__bfa)->iocfc.req_cq_ba[__reqq].kva) \
+ bfa_reqq_pi((__bfa), (__reqq)))))
#define bfa_reqq_produce(__bfa, __reqq, __mh) do { \
(__mh).mtag.h2i.qid = (__bfa)->iocfc.hw_qid[__reqq];\
(__bfa)->iocfc.req_cq_pi[__reqq]++; \
(__bfa)->iocfc.req_cq_pi[__reqq] &= \
((__bfa)->iocfc.cfg.drvcfg.num_reqq_elems - 1); \
writel((__bfa)->iocfc.req_cq_pi[__reqq], \
(__bfa)->iocfc.bfa_regs.cpe_q_pi[__reqq]); \
mmiowb(); \
} while (0)
#define bfa_rspq_pi(__bfa, __rspq) \
(*(u32 *)((__bfa)->iocfc.rsp_cq_shadow_pi[__rspq].kva))
#define bfa_rspq_ci(__bfa, __rspq) ((__bfa)->iocfc.rsp_cq_ci[__rspq])
#define bfa_rspq_elem(__bfa, __rspq, __ci) \
(&((struct bfi_msg_s *)((__bfa)->iocfc.rsp_cq_ba[__rspq].kva))[__ci])
#define CQ_INCR(__index, __size) do { \
(__index)++; \
(__index) &= ((__size) - 1); \
} while (0)
* Circular queue usage assignments
enum {
BFA_REQQ_IOC = 0, /* all low-priority IOC msgs */
BFA_REQQ_FCXP = 0, /* all FCXP messages */
BFA_REQQ_LPS = 0, /* all lport service msgs */
BFA_REQQ_PORT = 0, /* all port messages */
BFA_REQQ_FLASH = 0, /* for flash module */
BFA_REQQ_DIAG = 0, /* for diag module */
BFA_REQQ_RPORT = 0, /* all port messages */
BFA_REQQ_SBOOT = 0, /* all san boot messages */
BFA_REQQ_QOS_LO = 1, /* all low priority IO */
BFA_REQQ_QOS_MD = 2, /* all medium priority IO */
BFA_REQQ_QOS_HI = 3, /* all high priority IO */
static inline void
bfa_reqq_winit(struct bfa_reqq_wait_s *wqe, void (*qresume) (void *cbarg),
void *cbarg)
wqe->qresume = qresume;
wqe->cbarg = cbarg;
#define bfa_reqq(__bfa, __reqq) (&(__bfa)->reqq_waitq[__reqq])
* static inline void
* bfa_reqq_wait(struct bfa_s *bfa, int reqq, struct bfa_reqq_wait_s *wqe)
#define bfa_reqq_wait(__bfa, __reqq, __wqe) do { \
struct list_head *waitq = bfa_reqq(__bfa, __reqq); \
WARN_ON(((__reqq) >= BFI_IOC_MAX_CQS)); \
WARN_ON(!((__wqe)->qresume && (__wqe)->cbarg)); \
list_add_tail(&(__wqe)->qe, waitq); \
} while (0)
#define bfa_reqq_wcancel(__wqe) list_del(&(__wqe)->qe)
#define bfa_cb_queue(__bfa, __hcb_qe, __cbfn, __cbarg) do { \
(__hcb_qe)->cbfn = (__cbfn); \
(__hcb_qe)->cbarg = (__cbarg); \
(__hcb_qe)->pre_rmv = BFA_FALSE; \
list_add_tail(&(__hcb_qe)->qe, &(__bfa)->comp_q); \
} while (0)
#define bfa_cb_dequeue(__hcb_qe) list_del(&(__hcb_qe)->qe)
#define bfa_cb_queue_once(__bfa, __hcb_qe, __cbfn, __cbarg) do { \
(__hcb_qe)->cbfn = (__cbfn); \
(__hcb_qe)->cbarg = (__cbarg); \
if (!(__hcb_qe)->once) { \
list_add_tail(&(__hcb_qe)->qe, &(__bfa)->comp_q); \
(__hcb_qe)->once = BFA_TRUE; \
} \
} while (0)
#define bfa_cb_queue_status(__bfa, __hcb_qe, __status) do { \
(__hcb_qe)->fw_status = (__status); \
list_add_tail(&(__hcb_qe)->qe, &(__bfa)->comp_q); \
} while (0)
#define bfa_cb_queue_done(__hcb_qe) do { \
(__hcb_qe)->once = BFA_FALSE; \
} while (0)
* PCI devices supported by the current BFA
struct bfa_pciid_s {
u16 device_id;
u16 vendor_id;
extern char bfa_version[];
struct bfa_iocfc_regs_s {
void __iomem *intr_status;
void __iomem *intr_mask;
void __iomem *cpe_q_pi[BFI_IOC_MAX_CQS];
void __iomem *cpe_q_ci[BFI_IOC_MAX_CQS];
void __iomem *cpe_q_ctrl[BFI_IOC_MAX_CQS];
void __iomem *rme_q_ci[BFI_IOC_MAX_CQS];
void __iomem *rme_q_pi[BFI_IOC_MAX_CQS];
void __iomem *rme_q_ctrl[BFI_IOC_MAX_CQS];
* MSIX vector handlers
typedef void (*bfa_msix_handler_t)(struct bfa_s *bfa, int vec);
struct bfa_msix_s {
int nvecs;
bfa_msix_handler_t handler[BFA_MSIX_MAX_VECTORS];
* Chip specific interfaces
struct bfa_hwif_s {
void (*hw_reginit)(struct bfa_s *bfa);
void (*hw_reqq_ack)(struct bfa_s *bfa, int reqq);
void (*hw_rspq_ack)(struct bfa_s *bfa, int rspq, u32 ci);
void (*hw_msix_init)(struct bfa_s *bfa, int nvecs);
void (*hw_msix_ctrl_install)(struct bfa_s *bfa);
void (*hw_msix_queue_install)(struct bfa_s *bfa);
void (*hw_msix_uninstall)(struct bfa_s *bfa);
void (*hw_isr_mode_set)(struct bfa_s *bfa, bfa_boolean_t msix);
void (*hw_msix_getvecs)(struct bfa_s *bfa, u32 *vecmap,
u32 *nvecs, u32 *maxvec);
void (*hw_msix_get_rme_range) (struct bfa_s *bfa, u32 *start,
u32 *end);
int cpe_vec_q0;
int rme_vec_q0;
typedef void (*bfa_cb_iocfc_t) (void *cbarg, enum bfa_status status);
struct bfa_faa_cbfn_s {
bfa_cb_iocfc_t faa_cbfn;
void *faa_cbarg;
* FAA attributes
struct bfa_faa_attr_s {
wwn_t faa;
u8 faa_state;
u8 pwwn_source;
u8 rsvd[6];
struct bfa_faa_args_s {
struct bfa_faa_attr_s *faa_attr;
struct bfa_faa_cbfn_s faa_cb;
u8 faa_state;
bfa_boolean_t busy;
struct bfa_iocfc_s {
bfa_fsm_t fsm;
struct bfa_s *bfa;
struct bfa_iocfc_cfg_s cfg;
u32 req_cq_pi[BFI_IOC_MAX_CQS];
u32 rsp_cq_ci[BFI_IOC_MAX_CQS];
u8 hw_qid[BFI_IOC_MAX_CQS];
struct bfa_cb_qe_s init_hcb_qe;
struct bfa_cb_qe_s stop_hcb_qe;
struct bfa_cb_qe_s dis_hcb_qe;
struct bfa_cb_qe_s en_hcb_qe;
struct bfa_cb_qe_s stats_hcb_qe;
bfa_boolean_t submod_enabled;
bfa_boolean_t cb_reqd; /* Driver call back reqd */
bfa_status_t op_status; /* Status of bfa iocfc op */
struct bfa_dma_s cfg_info;
struct bfi_iocfc_cfg_s *cfginfo;
struct bfa_dma_s cfgrsp_dma;
struct bfi_iocfc_cfgrsp_s *cfgrsp;
struct bfa_dma_s req_cq_ba[BFI_IOC_MAX_CQS];
struct bfa_dma_s req_cq_shadow_ci[BFI_IOC_MAX_CQS];
struct bfa_dma_s rsp_cq_ba[BFI_IOC_MAX_CQS];
struct bfa_dma_s rsp_cq_shadow_pi[BFI_IOC_MAX_CQS];
struct bfa_iocfc_regs_s bfa_regs; /* BFA device registers */
struct bfa_hwif_s hwif;
bfa_cb_iocfc_t updateq_cbfn; /* bios callback function */
void *updateq_cbarg; /* bios callback arg */
u32 intr_mask;
struct bfa_faa_args_s faa_args;
struct bfa_mem_dma_s ioc_dma;
struct bfa_mem_dma_s iocfc_dma;
struct bfa_mem_dma_s reqq_dma[BFI_IOC_MAX_CQS];
struct bfa_mem_dma_s rspq_dma[BFI_IOC_MAX_CQS];
struct bfa_mem_kva_s kva_seg;
#define BFA_MEM_IOC_DMA(_bfa) (&((_bfa)->iocfc.ioc_dma))
#define BFA_MEM_IOCFC_DMA(_bfa) (&((_bfa)->iocfc.iocfc_dma))
#define BFA_MEM_REQQ_DMA(_bfa, _qno) (&((_bfa)->iocfc.reqq_dma[(_qno)]))
#define BFA_MEM_RSPQ_DMA(_bfa, _qno) (&((_bfa)->iocfc.rspq_dma[(_qno)]))
#define BFA_MEM_IOCFC_KVA(_bfa) (&((_bfa)->iocfc.kva_seg))
#define bfa_fn_lpu(__bfa) \
bfi_fn_lpu(bfa_ioc_pcifn(&(__bfa)->ioc), bfa_ioc_portid(&(__bfa)->ioc))
#define bfa_msix_init(__bfa, __nvecs) \
((__bfa)->iocfc.hwif.hw_msix_init(__bfa, __nvecs))
#define bfa_msix_ctrl_install(__bfa) \
#define bfa_msix_queue_install(__bfa) \
#define bfa_msix_uninstall(__bfa) \
#define bfa_isr_rspq_ack(__bfa, __queue, __ci) \
((__bfa)->iocfc.hwif.hw_rspq_ack(__bfa, __queue, __ci))
#define bfa_isr_reqq_ack(__bfa, __queue) do { \
if ((__bfa)->iocfc.hwif.hw_reqq_ack) \
(__bfa)->iocfc.hwif.hw_reqq_ack(__bfa, __queue); \
} while (0)
#define bfa_isr_mode_set(__bfa, __msix) do { \
if ((__bfa)->iocfc.hwif.hw_isr_mode_set) \
(__bfa)->iocfc.hwif.hw_isr_mode_set(__bfa, __msix); \
} while (0)
#define bfa_msix_getvecs(__bfa, __vecmap, __nvecs, __maxvec) \
((__bfa)->iocfc.hwif.hw_msix_getvecs(__bfa, __vecmap, \
__nvecs, __maxvec))
#define bfa_msix_get_rme_range(__bfa, __start, __end) \
((__bfa)->iocfc.hwif.hw_msix_get_rme_range(__bfa, __start, __end))
#define bfa_msix(__bfa, __vec) \
((__bfa)->msix.handler[__vec](__bfa, __vec))
* FC specific IOC functions.
void bfa_iocfc_meminfo(struct bfa_iocfc_cfg_s *cfg,
struct bfa_meminfo_s *meminfo,
struct bfa_s *bfa);
void bfa_iocfc_attach(struct bfa_s *bfa, void *bfad,
struct bfa_iocfc_cfg_s *cfg,
struct bfa_pcidev_s *pcidev);
void bfa_iocfc_init(struct bfa_s *bfa);
void bfa_iocfc_start(struct bfa_s *bfa);
void bfa_iocfc_stop(struct bfa_s *bfa);
void bfa_iocfc_isr(void *bfa, struct bfi_mbmsg_s *msg);
void bfa_iocfc_set_snsbase(struct bfa_s *bfa, int seg_no, u64 snsbase_pa);
bfa_boolean_t bfa_iocfc_is_operational(struct bfa_s *bfa);
void bfa_iocfc_reset_queues(struct bfa_s *bfa);
void bfa_msix_all(struct bfa_s *bfa, int vec);
void bfa_msix_reqq(struct bfa_s *bfa, int vec);
void bfa_msix_rspq(struct bfa_s *bfa, int vec);
void bfa_msix_lpu_err(struct bfa_s *bfa, int vec);
void bfa_hwcb_reginit(struct bfa_s *bfa);
void bfa_hwcb_rspq_ack(struct bfa_s *bfa, int rspq, u32 ci);
void bfa_hwcb_msix_init(struct bfa_s *bfa, int nvecs);
void bfa_hwcb_msix_ctrl_install(struct bfa_s *bfa);
void bfa_hwcb_msix_queue_install(struct bfa_s *bfa);
void bfa_hwcb_msix_uninstall(struct bfa_s *bfa);
void bfa_hwcb_isr_mode_set(struct bfa_s *bfa, bfa_boolean_t msix);
void bfa_hwcb_msix_getvecs(struct bfa_s *bfa, u32 *vecmap, u32 *nvecs,
u32 *maxvec);
void bfa_hwcb_msix_get_rme_range(struct bfa_s *bfa, u32 *start,
u32 *end);
void bfa_hwct_reginit(struct bfa_s *bfa);
void bfa_hwct2_reginit(struct bfa_s *bfa);
void bfa_hwct_reqq_ack(struct bfa_s *bfa, int rspq);
void bfa_hwct_rspq_ack(struct bfa_s *bfa, int rspq, u32 ci);
void bfa_hwct2_rspq_ack(struct bfa_s *bfa, int rspq, u32 ci);
void bfa_hwct_msix_init(struct bfa_s *bfa, int nvecs);
void bfa_hwct_msix_ctrl_install(struct bfa_s *bfa);
void bfa_hwct_msix_queue_install(struct bfa_s *bfa);
void bfa_hwct_msix_uninstall(struct bfa_s *bfa);
void bfa_hwct_isr_mode_set(struct bfa_s *bfa, bfa_boolean_t msix);
void bfa_hwct_msix_getvecs(struct bfa_s *bfa, u32 *vecmap, u32 *nvecs,
u32 *maxvec);
void bfa_hwct_msix_get_rme_range(struct bfa_s *bfa, u32 *start,
u32 *end);
void bfa_iocfc_get_bootwwns(struct bfa_s *bfa, u8 *nwwns, wwn_t *wwns);
int bfa_iocfc_get_pbc_vports(struct bfa_s *bfa,
struct bfi_pbc_vport_s *pbc_vport);
* BFA public interfaces
#define bfa_stats(_mod, _stats) ((_mod)->stats._stats++)
#define bfa_ioc_get_stats(__bfa, __ioc_stats) \
bfa_ioc_fetch_stats(&(__bfa)->ioc, __ioc_stats)
#define bfa_ioc_clear_stats(__bfa) \
#define bfa_get_nports(__bfa) \
#define bfa_get_adapter_manufacturer(__bfa, __manufacturer) \
bfa_ioc_get_adapter_manufacturer(&(__bfa)->ioc, __manufacturer)
#define bfa_get_adapter_model(__bfa, __model) \
bfa_ioc_get_adapter_model(&(__bfa)->ioc, __model)
#define bfa_get_adapter_serial_num(__bfa, __serial_num) \
bfa_ioc_get_adapter_serial_num(&(__bfa)->ioc, __serial_num)
#define bfa_get_adapter_fw_ver(__bfa, __fw_ver) \
bfa_ioc_get_adapter_fw_ver(&(__bfa)->ioc, __fw_ver)
#define bfa_get_adapter_optrom_ver(__bfa, __optrom_ver) \
bfa_ioc_get_adapter_optrom_ver(&(__bfa)->ioc, __optrom_ver)
#define bfa_get_pci_chip_rev(__bfa, __chip_rev) \
bfa_ioc_get_pci_chip_rev(&(__bfa)->ioc, __chip_rev)
#define bfa_get_ioc_state(__bfa) \
#define bfa_get_type(__bfa) \
#define bfa_get_mac(__bfa) \
#define bfa_get_mfg_mac(__bfa) \
#define bfa_get_fw_clock_res(__bfa) \
* lun mask macros return NULL when min cfg is enabled and there is
* no memory allocated for lunmask.
#define bfa_get_lun_mask(__bfa) \
((&(__bfa)->modules.dconf_mod)->min_cfg) ? NULL : \
#define bfa_get_lun_mask_list(_bfa) \
((&(_bfa)->modules.dconf_mod)->min_cfg) ? NULL : \
#define bfa_get_lun_mask_status(_bfa) \
(((&(_bfa)->modules.dconf_mod)->min_cfg) \
? BFA_LUNMASK_MINCFG : ((bfa_get_lun_mask(_bfa))->status))
void bfa_get_pciids(struct bfa_pciid_s **pciids, int *npciids);
void bfa_cfg_get_default(struct bfa_iocfc_cfg_s *cfg);
void bfa_cfg_get_min(struct bfa_iocfc_cfg_s *cfg);
void bfa_cfg_get_meminfo(struct bfa_iocfc_cfg_s *cfg,
struct bfa_meminfo_s *meminfo,
struct bfa_s *bfa);
void bfa_attach(struct bfa_s *bfa, void *bfad, struct bfa_iocfc_cfg_s *cfg,
struct bfa_meminfo_s *meminfo,
struct bfa_pcidev_s *pcidev);
void bfa_detach(struct bfa_s *bfa);
void bfa_cb_init(void *bfad, bfa_status_t status);
void bfa_cb_updateq(void *bfad, bfa_status_t status);
bfa_boolean_t bfa_intx(struct bfa_s *bfa);
void bfa_isr_enable(struct bfa_s *bfa);
void bfa_isr_disable(struct bfa_s *bfa);
void bfa_comp_deq(struct bfa_s *bfa, struct list_head *comp_q);
void bfa_comp_process(struct bfa_s *bfa, struct list_head *comp_q);
void bfa_comp_free(struct bfa_s *bfa, struct list_head *comp_q);
typedef void (*bfa_cb_ioc_t) (void *cbarg, enum bfa_status status);
void bfa_iocfc_get_attr(struct bfa_s *bfa, struct bfa_iocfc_attr_s *attr);
bfa_status_t bfa_iocfc_israttr_set(struct bfa_s *bfa,
struct bfa_iocfc_intr_attr_s *attr);
void bfa_iocfc_enable(struct bfa_s *bfa);
void bfa_iocfc_disable(struct bfa_s *bfa);
#define bfa_timer_start(_bfa, _timer, _timercb, _arg, _timeout) \
bfa_timer_begin(&(_bfa)->timer_mod, _timer, _timercb, _arg, _timeout)
struct bfa_cb_pending_q_s {
struct bfa_cb_qe_s hcb_qe;
void *data; /* Driver buffer */
/* Common macros to operate on pending stats/attr apis */
#define bfa_pending_q_init(__qe, __cbfn, __cbarg, __data) do { \
bfa_q_qe_init(&((__qe)->hcb_qe.qe)); \
(__qe)->hcb_qe.cbfn = (__cbfn); \
(__qe)->hcb_qe.cbarg = (__cbarg); \
(__qe)->hcb_qe.pre_rmv = BFA_TRUE; \
(__qe)->data = (__data); \
} while (0)
#endif /* __BFA_H__ */