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# Open Coherent Accelerator (OCXL) compatible devices
config OCXL_BASE
default n
config OCXL
tristate "OpenCAPI coherent accelerator support"
depends on PPC_POWERNV && PCI && EEH
select OCXL_BASE
default m
Select this option to enable the ocxl driver for Open
Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (OpenCAPI) devices.
OpenCAPI allows FPGA and ASIC accelerators to be coherently
attached to a CPU over an OpenCAPI link.
The ocxl driver enables userspace programs to access these
accelerators through devices in /dev/ocxl/.
For more information, see
This is not to be confused with the support for IBM CAPI
accelerators (CONFIG_CXL), which are PCI-based instead of a
dedicated OpenCAPI link, and don't follow the same protocol.
If unsure, say N.