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* Copyright 2014 IBM Corp.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
* as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
* 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
#ifndef _CXL_H_
#define _CXL_H_
#include <linux/interrupt.h>
#include <linux/semaphore.h>
#include <linux/device.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/cdev.h>
#include <linux/pid.h>
#include <linux/io.h>
#include <linux/pci.h>
#include <linux/fs.h>
#include <asm/cputable.h>
#include <asm/mmu.h>
#include <asm/reg.h>
#include <misc/cxl-base.h>
#include <misc/cxl.h>
#include <uapi/misc/cxl.h>
extern uint cxl_verbose;
#define CXL_TIMEOUT 5
* Bump version each time a user API change is made, whether it is
* backwards compatible ot not.
* Opaque types to avoid accidentally passing registers for the wrong MMIO
* At the end of the day, I'm not married to using typedef here, but it might
* (and has!) help avoid bugs like mixing up CXL_PSL_CtxTime and
* CXL_PSL_CtxTime_An, or calling cxl_p1n_write instead of cxl_p1_write.
* I'm quite happy if these are changed back to #defines before upstreaming, it
* should be little more than a regexp search+replace operation in this file.
typedef struct {
const int x;
} cxl_p1_reg_t;
typedef struct {
const int x;
} cxl_p1n_reg_t;
typedef struct {
const int x;
} cxl_p2n_reg_t;
#define cxl_reg_off(reg) \
/* Memory maps. Ref CXL Appendix A */
/* PSL Privilege 1 Memory Map */
/* Configuration and Control area - CAIA 1&2 */
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL_CtxTime = {0x0000};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL_ErrIVTE = {0x0008};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL_KEY1 = {0x0010};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL_KEY2 = {0x0018};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL_Control = {0x0020};
/* Downloading */
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL_DLCNTL = {0x0060};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL_DLADDR = {0x0068};
/* PSL Lookaside Buffer Management Area - CAIA 1 */
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL_LBISEL = {0x0080};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL_SLBIE = {0x0088};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL_SLBIA = {0x0090};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL_TLBIE = {0x00A0};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL_TLBIA = {0x00A8};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL_AFUSEL = {0x00B0};
/* 0x00C0:7EFF Implementation dependent area */
/* PSL registers - CAIA 1 */
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL_FIR1 = {0x0100};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL_FIR2 = {0x0108};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL_Timebase = {0x0110};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL_VERSION = {0x0118};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL_RESLCKTO = {0x0128};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL_TB_CTLSTAT = {0x0140};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL_FIR_CNTL = {0x0148};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL_DSNDCTL = {0x0150};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL_SNWRALLOC = {0x0158};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL_TRACE = {0x0170};
/* PSL registers - CAIA 2 */
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL9_CONTROL = {0x0020};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_XSL9_INV = {0x0110};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_XSL9_DBG = {0x0130};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_XSL9_DEF = {0x0140};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_XSL9_DSNCTL = {0x0168};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL9_FIR1 = {0x0300};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL9_FIR_MASK = {0x0308};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL9_Timebase = {0x0310};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL9_DEBUG = {0x0320};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL9_FIR_CNTL = {0x0348};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL9_DSNDCTL = {0x0350};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL9_TB_CTLSTAT = {0x0340};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL9_TRACECFG = {0x0368};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL9_APCDEDALLOC = {0x0378};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL9_APCDEDTYPE = {0x0380};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL9_TNR_ADDR = {0x0388};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL9_CTCCFG = {0x0390};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_PSL9_GP_CT = {0x0398};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_XSL9_IERAT = {0x0588};
static const cxl_p1_reg_t CXL_XSL9_ILPP = {0x0590};
/* 0x7F00:7FFF Reserved PCIe MSI-X Pending Bit Array area */
/* 0x8000:FFFF Reserved PCIe MSI-X Table Area */
/* PSL Slice Privilege 1 Memory Map */
/* Configuration Area - CAIA 1&2 */
static const cxl_p1n_reg_t CXL_PSL_SR_An = {0x00};
static const cxl_p1n_reg_t CXL_PSL_LPID_An = {0x08};
static const cxl_p1n_reg_t CXL_PSL_AMBAR_An = {0x10};
static const cxl_p1n_reg_t CXL_PSL_SPOffset_An = {0x18};
static const cxl_p1n_reg_t CXL_PSL_ID_An = {0x20};
static const cxl_p1n_reg_t CXL_PSL_SERR_An = {0x28};
/* Memory Management and Lookaside Buffer Management - CAIA 1*/
static const cxl_p1n_reg_t CXL_PSL_SDR_An = {0x30};
/* Memory Management and Lookaside Buffer Management - CAIA 1&2 */
static const cxl_p1n_reg_t CXL_PSL_AMOR_An = {0x38};
/* Pointer Area - CAIA 1&2 */
static const cxl_p1n_reg_t CXL_HAURP_An = {0x80};
static const cxl_p1n_reg_t CXL_PSL_SPAP_An = {0x88};
static const cxl_p1n_reg_t CXL_PSL_LLCMD_An = {0x90};
/* Control Area - CAIA 1&2 */
static const cxl_p1n_reg_t CXL_PSL_SCNTL_An = {0xA0};
static const cxl_p1n_reg_t CXL_PSL_CtxTime_An = {0xA8};
static const cxl_p1n_reg_t CXL_PSL_IVTE_Offset_An = {0xB0};
static const cxl_p1n_reg_t CXL_PSL_IVTE_Limit_An = {0xB8};
/* 0xC0:FF Implementation Dependent Area - CAIA 1&2 */
static const cxl_p1n_reg_t CXL_PSL_FIR_SLICE_An = {0xC0};
static const cxl_p1n_reg_t CXL_AFU_DEBUG_An = {0xC8};
/* 0xC0:FF Implementation Dependent Area - CAIA 1 */
static const cxl_p1n_reg_t CXL_PSL_APCALLOC_A = {0xD0};
static const cxl_p1n_reg_t CXL_PSL_COALLOC_A = {0xD8};
static const cxl_p1n_reg_t CXL_PSL_RXCTL_A = {0xE0};
static const cxl_p1n_reg_t CXL_PSL_SLICE_TRACE = {0xE8};
/* PSL Slice Privilege 2 Memory Map */
/* Configuration and Control Area - CAIA 1&2 */
static const cxl_p2n_reg_t CXL_PSL_PID_TID_An = {0x000};
static const cxl_p2n_reg_t CXL_CSRP_An = {0x008};
/* Configuration and Control Area - CAIA 1 */
static const cxl_p2n_reg_t CXL_AURP0_An = {0x010};
static const cxl_p2n_reg_t CXL_AURP1_An = {0x018};
static const cxl_p2n_reg_t CXL_SSTP0_An = {0x020};
static const cxl_p2n_reg_t CXL_SSTP1_An = {0x028};
/* Configuration and Control Area - CAIA 1 */
static const cxl_p2n_reg_t CXL_PSL_AMR_An = {0x030};
/* Segment Lookaside Buffer Management - CAIA 1 */
static const cxl_p2n_reg_t CXL_SLBIE_An = {0x040};
static const cxl_p2n_reg_t CXL_SLBIA_An = {0x048};
static const cxl_p2n_reg_t CXL_SLBI_Select_An = {0x050};
/* Interrupt Registers - CAIA 1&2 */
static const cxl_p2n_reg_t CXL_PSL_DSISR_An = {0x060};
static const cxl_p2n_reg_t CXL_PSL_DAR_An = {0x068};
static const cxl_p2n_reg_t CXL_PSL_DSR_An = {0x070};
static const cxl_p2n_reg_t CXL_PSL_TFC_An = {0x078};
static const cxl_p2n_reg_t CXL_PSL_PEHandle_An = {0x080};
static const cxl_p2n_reg_t CXL_PSL_ErrStat_An = {0x088};
/* AFU Registers - CAIA 1&2 */
static const cxl_p2n_reg_t CXL_AFU_Cntl_An = {0x090};
static const cxl_p2n_reg_t CXL_AFU_ERR_An = {0x098};
/* Work Element Descriptor - CAIA 1&2 */
static const cxl_p2n_reg_t CXL_PSL_WED_An = {0x0A0};
/* 0x0C0:FFF Implementation Dependent Area */
#define CXL_PSL_SPAP_Addr 0x0ffffffffffff000ULL
#define CXL_PSL_SPAP_Size 0x0000000000000ff0ULL
#define CXL_PSL_SPAP_Size_Shift 4
#define CXL_PSL_SPAP_V 0x0000000000000001ULL
/****** CXL_PSL_Control ****************************************************/
#define CXL_PSL_Control_tb (0x1ull << (63-63))
#define CXL_PSL_Control_Fr (0x1ull << (63-31))
#define CXL_PSL_Control_Fs_MASK (0x3ull << (63-29))
#define CXL_PSL_Control_Fs_Complete (0x3ull << (63-29))
/****** CXL_PSL_DLCNTL *****************************************************/
#define CXL_PSL_DLCNTL_D (0x1ull << (63-28))
#define CXL_PSL_DLCNTL_C (0x1ull << (63-29))
#define CXL_PSL_DLCNTL_E (0x1ull << (63-30))
#define CXL_PSL_DLCNTL_S (0x1ull << (63-31))
/****** CXL_PSL_SR_An ******************************************************/
#define CXL_PSL_SR_An_SF MSR_SF /* 64bit */
#define CXL_PSL_SR_An_TA (1ull << (63-1)) /* Tags active, GA1: 0 */
#define CXL_PSL_SR_An_HV MSR_HV /* Hypervisor, GA1: 0 */
#define CXL_PSL_SR_An_XLAT_hpt (0ull << (63-6))/* Hashed page table (HPT) mode */
#define CXL_PSL_SR_An_XLAT_roh (2ull << (63-6))/* Radix on HPT mode */
#define CXL_PSL_SR_An_XLAT_ror (3ull << (63-6))/* Radix on Radix mode */
#define CXL_PSL_SR_An_BOT (1ull << (63-10)) /* Use the in-memory segment table */
#define CXL_PSL_SR_An_PR MSR_PR /* Problem state, GA1: 1 */
#define CXL_PSL_SR_An_ISL (1ull << (63-53)) /* Ignore Segment Large Page */
#define CXL_PSL_SR_An_TC (1ull << (63-54)) /* Page Table secondary hash */
#define CXL_PSL_SR_An_US (1ull << (63-56)) /* User state, GA1: X */
#define CXL_PSL_SR_An_SC (1ull << (63-58)) /* Segment Table secondary hash */
#define CXL_PSL_SR_An_R MSR_DR /* Relocate, GA1: 1 */
#define CXL_PSL_SR_An_MP (1ull << (63-62)) /* Master Process */
#define CXL_PSL_SR_An_LE (1ull << (63-63)) /* Little Endian */
/****** CXL_PSL_ID_An ****************************************************/
#define CXL_PSL_ID_An_F (1ull << (63-31))
#define CXL_PSL_ID_An_L (1ull << (63-30))
/****** CXL_PSL_SERR_An ****************************************************/
#define CXL_PSL_SERR_An_afuto (1ull << (63-0))
#define CXL_PSL_SERR_An_afudis (1ull << (63-1))
#define CXL_PSL_SERR_An_afuov (1ull << (63-2))
#define CXL_PSL_SERR_An_badsrc (1ull << (63-3))
#define CXL_PSL_SERR_An_badctx (1ull << (63-4))
#define CXL_PSL_SERR_An_llcmdis (1ull << (63-5))
#define CXL_PSL_SERR_An_llcmdto (1ull << (63-6))
#define CXL_PSL_SERR_An_afupar (1ull << (63-7))
#define CXL_PSL_SERR_An_afudup (1ull << (63-8))
#define CXL_PSL_SERR_An_IRQS ( \
CXL_PSL_SERR_An_afuto | CXL_PSL_SERR_An_afudis | CXL_PSL_SERR_An_afuov | \
CXL_PSL_SERR_An_badsrc | CXL_PSL_SERR_An_badctx | CXL_PSL_SERR_An_llcmdis | \
CXL_PSL_SERR_An_llcmdto | CXL_PSL_SERR_An_afupar | CXL_PSL_SERR_An_afudup)
#define CXL_PSL_SERR_An_afuto_mask (1ull << (63-32))
#define CXL_PSL_SERR_An_afudis_mask (1ull << (63-33))
#define CXL_PSL_SERR_An_afuov_mask (1ull << (63-34))
#define CXL_PSL_SERR_An_badsrc_mask (1ull << (63-35))
#define CXL_PSL_SERR_An_badctx_mask (1ull << (63-36))
#define CXL_PSL_SERR_An_llcmdis_mask (1ull << (63-37))
#define CXL_PSL_SERR_An_llcmdto_mask (1ull << (63-38))
#define CXL_PSL_SERR_An_afupar_mask (1ull << (63-39))
#define CXL_PSL_SERR_An_afudup_mask (1ull << (63-40))
CXL_PSL_SERR_An_afuto_mask | CXL_PSL_SERR_An_afudis_mask | CXL_PSL_SERR_An_afuov_mask | \
CXL_PSL_SERR_An_badsrc_mask | CXL_PSL_SERR_An_badctx_mask | CXL_PSL_SERR_An_llcmdis_mask | \
CXL_PSL_SERR_An_llcmdto_mask | CXL_PSL_SERR_An_afupar_mask | CXL_PSL_SERR_An_afudup_mask)
#define CXL_PSL_SERR_An_AE (1ull << (63-30))
/****** CXL_PSL_SCNTL_An ****************************************************/
#define CXL_PSL_SCNTL_An_CR (0x1ull << (63-15))
/* Programming Modes: */
#define CXL_PSL_SCNTL_An_PM_MASK (0xffffull << (63-31))
#define CXL_PSL_SCNTL_An_PM_Shared (0x0000ull << (63-31))
#define CXL_PSL_SCNTL_An_PM_OS (0x0001ull << (63-31))
#define CXL_PSL_SCNTL_An_PM_Process (0x0002ull << (63-31))
#define CXL_PSL_SCNTL_An_PM_AFU (0x0004ull << (63-31))
#define CXL_PSL_SCNTL_An_PM_AFU_PBT (0x0104ull << (63-31))
/* Purge Status (ro) */
#define CXL_PSL_SCNTL_An_Ps_MASK (0x3ull << (63-39))
#define CXL_PSL_SCNTL_An_Ps_Pending (0x1ull << (63-39))
#define CXL_PSL_SCNTL_An_Ps_Complete (0x3ull << (63-39))
/* Purge */
#define CXL_PSL_SCNTL_An_Pc (0x1ull << (63-48))
/* Suspend Status (ro) */
#define CXL_PSL_SCNTL_An_Ss_MASK (0x3ull << (63-55))
#define CXL_PSL_SCNTL_An_Ss_Pending (0x1ull << (63-55))
#define CXL_PSL_SCNTL_An_Ss_Complete (0x3ull << (63-55))
/* Suspend Control */
#define CXL_PSL_SCNTL_An_Sc (0x1ull << (63-63))
/* AFU Slice Enable Status (ro) */
#define CXL_AFU_Cntl_An_ES_MASK (0x7ull << (63-2))
#define CXL_AFU_Cntl_An_ES_Disabled (0x0ull << (63-2))
#define CXL_AFU_Cntl_An_ES_Enabled (0x4ull << (63-2))
/* AFU Slice Enable */
#define CXL_AFU_Cntl_An_E (0x1ull << (63-3))
/* AFU Slice Reset status (ro) */
#define CXL_AFU_Cntl_An_RS_MASK (0x3ull << (63-5))
#define CXL_AFU_Cntl_An_RS_Pending (0x1ull << (63-5))
#define CXL_AFU_Cntl_An_RS_Complete (0x2ull << (63-5))
/* AFU Slice Reset */
#define CXL_AFU_Cntl_An_RA (0x1ull << (63-7))
/****** CXL_SSTP0/1_An ******************************************************/
/* These top bits are for the segment that CONTAINS the segment table */
#define CXL_SSTP0_An_KS (1ull << (63-2))
#define CXL_SSTP0_An_KP (1ull << (63-3))
#define CXL_SSTP0_An_N (1ull << (63-4))
#define CXL_SSTP0_An_L (1ull << (63-5))
#define CXL_SSTP0_An_C (1ull << (63-6))
#define CXL_SSTP0_An_TA (1ull << (63-7))
#define CXL_SSTP0_An_LP_SHIFT (63-9) /* 2 Bits */
/* And finally, the virtual address & size of the segment table: */
#define CXL_SSTP0_An_SegTableSize_SHIFT (63-31) /* 12 Bits */
#define CXL_SSTP0_An_SegTableSize_MASK \
(((1ull << 12) - 1) << CXL_SSTP0_An_SegTableSize_SHIFT)
#define CXL_SSTP0_An_STVA_U_MASK ((1ull << (63-49))-1)
#define CXL_SSTP1_An_STVA_L_MASK (~((1ull << (63-55))-1))
#define CXL_SSTP1_An_V (1ull << (63-63))
/****** CXL_PSL_SLBIE_[An] - CAIA 1 **************************************************/
/* write: */
#define CXL_SLBIE_C PPC_BIT(36) /* Class */
#define CXL_SLBIE_SS PPC_BITMASK(37, 38) /* Segment Size */
#define CXL_SLBIE_TA PPC_BIT(38) /* Tags Active */
/* read: */
/****** Common to all CXL_TLBIA/SLBIA_[An] - CAIA 1 **********************************/
#define CXL_TLB_SLB_P (1ull) /* Pending (read) */
/****** Common to all CXL_TLB/SLB_IA/IE_[An] registers - CAIA 1 **********************/
#define CXL_TLB_SLB_IQ_ALL (0ull) /* Inv qualifier */
#define CXL_TLB_SLB_IQ_LPID (1ull) /* Inv qualifier */
#define CXL_TLB_SLB_IQ_LPIDPID (3ull) /* Inv qualifier */
/****** CXL_PSL_AFUSEL ******************************************************/
#define CXL_PSL_AFUSEL_A (1ull << (63-55)) /* Adapter wide invalidates affect all AFUs */
/****** CXL_PSL_DSISR_An - CAIA 1 ****************************************************/
#define CXL_PSL_DSISR_An_DS (1ull << (63-0)) /* Segment not found */
#define CXL_PSL_DSISR_An_DM (1ull << (63-1)) /* PTE not found (See also: M) or protection fault */
#define CXL_PSL_DSISR_An_ST (1ull << (63-2)) /* Segment Table PTE not found */
#define CXL_PSL_DSISR_An_UR (1ull << (63-3)) /* AURP PTE not found */
#define CXL_PSL_DSISR_An_PE (1ull << (63-4)) /* PSL Error (implementation specific) */
#define CXL_PSL_DSISR_An_AE (1ull << (63-5)) /* AFU Error */
#define CXL_PSL_DSISR_An_OC (1ull << (63-6)) /* OS Context Warning */
/* NOTE: Bits 32:63 are undefined if DSISR[DS] = 1 */
#define CXL_PSL_DSISR_An_M DSISR_NOHPTE /* PTE not found */
#define CXL_PSL_DSISR_An_P DSISR_PROTFAULT /* Storage protection violation */
#define CXL_PSL_DSISR_An_A (1ull << (63-37)) /* AFU lock access to write through or cache inhibited storage */
#define CXL_PSL_DSISR_An_S DSISR_ISSTORE /* Access was afu_wr or afu_zero */
#define CXL_PSL_DSISR_An_K DSISR_KEYFAULT /* Access not permitted by virtual page class key protection */
/****** CXL_PSL_DSISR_An - CAIA 2 ****************************************************/
#define CXL_PSL9_DSISR_An_TF (1ull << (63-3)) /* Translation fault */
#define CXL_PSL9_DSISR_An_PE (1ull << (63-4)) /* PSL Error (implementation specific) */
#define CXL_PSL9_DSISR_An_AE (1ull << (63-5)) /* AFU Error */
#define CXL_PSL9_DSISR_An_OC (1ull << (63-6)) /* OS Context Warning */
#define CXL_PSL9_DSISR_An_S (1ull << (63-38)) /* TF for a write operation */
* NOTE: Bits 56:63 (Checkout Response Status) are valid when DSISR_An[TF] = 1
* Status (0:7) Encoding
#define CXL_PSL9_DSISR_An_CO_MASK 0x00000000000000ffULL
#define CXL_PSL9_DSISR_An_SF 0x0000000000000080ULL /* Segment Fault 0b10000000 */
#define CXL_PSL9_DSISR_An_PF_SLR 0x0000000000000088ULL /* PTE not found (Single Level Radix) 0b10001000 */
#define CXL_PSL9_DSISR_An_PF_RGC 0x000000000000008CULL /* PTE not found (Radix Guest (child)) 0b10001100 */
#define CXL_PSL9_DSISR_An_PF_RGP 0x0000000000000090ULL /* PTE not found (Radix Guest (parent)) 0b10010000 */
#define CXL_PSL9_DSISR_An_PF_HRH 0x0000000000000094ULL /* PTE not found (HPT/Radix Host) 0b10010100 */
#define CXL_PSL9_DSISR_An_PF_STEG 0x000000000000009CULL /* PTE not found (STEG VA) 0b10011100 */
#define CXL_PSL9_DSISR_An_URTCH 0x00000000000000B4ULL /* Unsupported Radix Tree Configuration 0b10110100 */
/****** CXL_PSL_TFC_An ******************************************************/
#define CXL_PSL_TFC_An_A (1ull << (63-28)) /* Acknowledge non-translation fault */
#define CXL_PSL_TFC_An_C (1ull << (63-29)) /* Continue (abort transaction) */
#define CXL_PSL_TFC_An_AE (1ull << (63-30)) /* Restart PSL with address error */
#define CXL_PSL_TFC_An_R (1ull << (63-31)) /* Restart PSL transaction */
/****** CXL_PSL_DEBUG *****************************************************/
#define CXL_PSL_DEBUG_CDC (1ull << (63-27)) /* Coherent Data cache support */
/****** CXL_XSL9_IERAT_ERAT - CAIA 2 **********************************/
#define CXL_XSL9_IERAT_MLPID (1ull << (63-0)) /* Match LPID */
#define CXL_XSL9_IERAT_MPID (1ull << (63-1)) /* Match PID */
#define CXL_XSL9_IERAT_PRS (1ull << (63-4)) /* PRS bit for Radix invalidations */
#define CXL_XSL9_IERAT_INVR (1ull << (63-3)) /* Invalidate Radix */
#define CXL_XSL9_IERAT_IALL (1ull << (63-8)) /* Invalidate All */
#define CXL_XSL9_IERAT_IINPROG (1ull << (63-63)) /* Invalidate in progress */
/* cxl_process_element->software_status */
#define CXL_PE_SOFTWARE_STATE_V (1ul << (31 - 0)) /* Valid */
#define CXL_PE_SOFTWARE_STATE_C (1ul << (31 - 29)) /* Complete */
#define CXL_PE_SOFTWARE_STATE_S (1ul << (31 - 30)) /* Suspend */
#define CXL_PE_SOFTWARE_STATE_T (1ul << (31 - 31)) /* Terminate */
/****** CXL_PSL_RXCTL_An (Implementation Specific) **************************
* Controls AFU Hang Pulse, which sets the timeout for the AFU to respond to
* the PSL for any response (except MMIO). Timeouts will occur between 1x to 2x
* of the hang pulse frequency.
#define CXL_PSL_RXCTL_AFUHP_4S 0x7000000000000000ULL
/* SPA->sw_command_status */
#define CXL_SPA_SW_CMD_MASK 0xffff000000000000ULL
#define CXL_SPA_SW_CMD_TERMINATE 0x0001000000000000ULL
#define CXL_SPA_SW_CMD_REMOVE 0x0002000000000000ULL
#define CXL_SPA_SW_CMD_SUSPEND 0x0003000000000000ULL
#define CXL_SPA_SW_CMD_RESUME 0x0004000000000000ULL
#define CXL_SPA_SW_CMD_ADD 0x0005000000000000ULL
#define CXL_SPA_SW_CMD_UPDATE 0x0006000000000000ULL
#define CXL_SPA_SW_STATE_MASK 0x0000ffff00000000ULL
#define CXL_SPA_SW_STATE_TERMINATED 0x0000000100000000ULL
#define CXL_SPA_SW_STATE_REMOVED 0x0000000200000000ULL
#define CXL_SPA_SW_STATE_SUSPENDED 0x0000000300000000ULL
#define CXL_SPA_SW_STATE_RESUMED 0x0000000400000000ULL
#define CXL_SPA_SW_STATE_ADDED 0x0000000500000000ULL
#define CXL_SPA_SW_STATE_UPDATED 0x0000000600000000ULL
#define CXL_SPA_SW_PSL_ID_MASK 0x00000000ffff0000ULL
#define CXL_SPA_SW_LINK_MASK 0x000000000000ffffULL
#define CXL_MAX_SLICES 4
#define CXL_DEV_MINORS 13 /* 1 control + 4 AFUs * 3 (dedicated/master/shared) */
#define CXL_CARD_MINOR(adapter) (adapter->adapter_num * CXL_DEV_MINORS)
enum cxl_context_status {
enum prefault_modes {
enum cxl_attrs {
struct cxl_sste {
__be64 esid_data;
__be64 vsid_data;
#define to_cxl_adapter(d) container_of(d, struct cxl, dev)
#define to_cxl_afu(d) container_of(d, struct cxl_afu, dev)
struct cxl_afu_native {
void __iomem *p1n_mmio;
void __iomem *afu_desc_mmio;
irq_hw_number_t psl_hwirq;
unsigned int psl_virq;
struct mutex spa_mutex;
* Only the first part of the SPA is used for the process element
* linked list. The only other part that software needs to worry about
* is sw_command_status, which we store a separate pointer to.
* Everything else in the SPA is only used by hardware
struct cxl_process_element *spa;
__be64 *sw_command_status;
unsigned int spa_size;
int spa_order;
int spa_max_procs;
u64 pp_offset;
struct cxl_afu_guest {
struct cxl_afu *parent;
u64 handle;
phys_addr_t p2n_phys;
u64 p2n_size;
int max_ints;
bool handle_err;
struct delayed_work work_err;
int previous_state;
struct cxl_afu {
struct cxl_afu_native *native;
struct cxl_afu_guest *guest;
irq_hw_number_t serr_hwirq;
unsigned int serr_virq;
char *psl_irq_name;
char *err_irq_name;
void __iomem *p2n_mmio;
phys_addr_t psn_phys;
u64 pp_size;
struct cxl *adapter;
struct device dev;
struct cdev afu_cdev_s, afu_cdev_m, afu_cdev_d;
struct device *chardev_s, *chardev_m, *chardev_d;
struct idr contexts_idr;
struct dentry *debugfs;
struct mutex contexts_lock;
spinlock_t afu_cntl_lock;
/* -1: AFU deconfigured/locked, >= 0: number of readers */
atomic_t configured_state;
/* AFU error buffer fields and bin attribute for sysfs */
u64 eb_len, eb_offset;
struct bin_attribute attr_eb;
/* pointer to the vphb */
struct pci_controller *phb;
int pp_irqs;
int irqs_max;
int num_procs;
int max_procs_virtualised;
int slice;
int modes_supported;
int current_mode;
int crs_num;
u64 crs_len;
u64 crs_offset;
struct list_head crs;
enum prefault_modes prefault_mode;
bool psa;
bool pp_psa;
bool enabled;
struct cxl_irq_name {
struct list_head list;
char *name;
struct irq_avail {
irq_hw_number_t offset;
irq_hw_number_t range;
unsigned long *bitmap;
* This is a cxl context. If the PSL is in dedicated mode, there will be one
* of these per AFU. If in AFU directed there can be lots of these.
struct cxl_context {
struct cxl_afu *afu;
/* Problem state MMIO */
phys_addr_t psn_phys;
u64 psn_size;
/* Used to unmap any mmaps when force detaching */
struct address_space *mapping;
struct mutex mapping_lock;
struct page *ff_page;
bool mmio_err_ff;
bool kernelapi;
spinlock_t sste_lock; /* Protects segment table entries */
struct cxl_sste *sstp;
u64 sstp0, sstp1;
unsigned int sst_size, sst_lru;
wait_queue_head_t wq;
/* use mm context associated with this pid for ds faults */
struct pid *pid;
spinlock_t lock; /* Protects pending_irq_mask, pending_fault and fault_addr */
/* Only used in PR mode */
u64 process_token;
/* driver private data */
void *priv;
unsigned long *irq_bitmap; /* Accessed from IRQ context */
struct cxl_irq_ranges irqs;
struct list_head irq_names;
u64 fault_addr;
u64 fault_dsisr;
u64 afu_err;
* This status and it's lock pretects start and detach context
* from racing. It also prevents detach from racing with
* itself
enum cxl_context_status status;
struct mutex status_mutex;
/* XXX: Is it possible to need multiple work items at once? */
struct work_struct fault_work;
u64 dsisr;
u64 dar;
struct cxl_process_element *elem;
* pe is the process element handle, assigned by this driver when the
* context is initialized.
* external_pe is the PE shown outside of cxl.
* On bare-metal, pe=external_pe, because we decide what the handle is.
* In a guest, we only find out about the pe used by pHyp when the
* context is attached, and that's the value we want to report outside
* of cxl.
int pe;
int external_pe;
u32 irq_count;
bool pe_inserted;
bool master;
bool kernel;
bool pending_irq;
bool pending_fault;
bool pending_afu_err;
/* Used by AFU drivers for driver specific event delivery */
struct cxl_afu_driver_ops *afu_driver_ops;
atomic_t afu_driver_events;
struct rcu_head rcu;
struct mm_struct *mm;
u16 tidr;
bool assign_tidr;
struct cxl_irq_info;
struct cxl_service_layer_ops {
int (*adapter_regs_init)(struct cxl *adapter, struct pci_dev *dev);
int (*invalidate_all)(struct cxl *adapter);
int (*afu_regs_init)(struct cxl_afu *afu);
int (*sanitise_afu_regs)(struct cxl_afu *afu);
int (*register_serr_irq)(struct cxl_afu *afu);
void (*release_serr_irq)(struct cxl_afu *afu);
irqreturn_t (*handle_interrupt)(int irq, struct cxl_context *ctx, struct cxl_irq_info *irq_info);
irqreturn_t (*fail_irq)(struct cxl_afu *afu, struct cxl_irq_info *irq_info);
int (*activate_dedicated_process)(struct cxl_afu *afu);
int (*attach_afu_directed)(struct cxl_context *ctx, u64 wed, u64 amr);
int (*attach_dedicated_process)(struct cxl_context *ctx, u64 wed, u64 amr);
void (*update_dedicated_ivtes)(struct cxl_context *ctx);
void (*debugfs_add_adapter_regs)(struct cxl *adapter, struct dentry *dir);
void (*debugfs_add_afu_regs)(struct cxl_afu *afu, struct dentry *dir);
void (*psl_irq_dump_registers)(struct cxl_context *ctx);
void (*err_irq_dump_registers)(struct cxl *adapter);
void (*debugfs_stop_trace)(struct cxl *adapter);
void (*write_timebase_ctrl)(struct cxl *adapter);
u64 (*timebase_read)(struct cxl *adapter);
int capi_mode;
bool needs_reset_before_disable;
struct cxl_native {
u64 afu_desc_off;
u64 afu_desc_size;
void __iomem *p1_mmio;
void __iomem *p2_mmio;
irq_hw_number_t err_hwirq;
unsigned int err_virq;
u64 ps_off;
bool no_data_cache; /* set if no data cache on the card */
const struct cxl_service_layer_ops *sl_ops;
struct cxl_guest {
struct platform_device *pdev;
int irq_nranges;
struct cdev cdev;
irq_hw_number_t irq_base_offset;
struct irq_avail *irq_avail;
spinlock_t irq_alloc_lock;
u64 handle;
char *status;
u16 vendor;
u16 device;
u16 subsystem_vendor;
u16 subsystem;
struct cxl {
struct cxl_native *native;
struct cxl_guest *guest;
spinlock_t afu_list_lock;
struct cxl_afu *afu[CXL_MAX_SLICES];
struct device dev;
struct dentry *trace;
struct dentry *psl_err_chk;
struct dentry *debugfs;
char *irq_name;
struct bin_attribute cxl_attr;
int adapter_num;
int user_irqs;
u64 ps_size;
u16 psl_rev;
u16 base_image;
u8 vsec_status;
u8 caia_major;
u8 caia_minor;
u8 slices;
bool user_image_loaded;
bool perst_loads_image;
bool perst_select_user;
bool perst_same_image;
bool psl_timebase_synced;
bool tunneled_ops_supported;
* number of contexts mapped on to this card. Possible values are:
* >0: Number of contexts mapped and new one can be mapped.
* 0: No active contexts and new ones can be mapped.
* -1: No contexts mapped and new ones cannot be mapped.
atomic_t contexts_num;
int cxl_pci_alloc_one_irq(struct cxl *adapter);
void cxl_pci_release_one_irq(struct cxl *adapter, int hwirq);
int cxl_pci_alloc_irq_ranges(struct cxl_irq_ranges *irqs, struct cxl *adapter, unsigned int num);
void cxl_pci_release_irq_ranges(struct cxl_irq_ranges *irqs, struct cxl *adapter);
int cxl_pci_setup_irq(struct cxl *adapter, unsigned int hwirq, unsigned int virq);
int cxl_update_image_control(struct cxl *adapter);
int cxl_pci_reset(struct cxl *adapter);
void cxl_pci_release_afu(struct device *dev);
ssize_t cxl_pci_read_adapter_vpd(struct cxl *adapter, void *buf, size_t len);
/* common == phyp + powernv - CAIA 1&2 */
struct cxl_process_element_common {
__be32 tid;
__be32 pid;
__be64 csrp;
union {
struct {
__be64 aurp0;
__be64 aurp1;
__be64 sstp0;
__be64 sstp1;
} psl8; /* CAIA 1 */
struct {
u8 reserved2[8];
u8 reserved3[8];
u8 reserved4[8];
u8 reserved5[8];
} psl9; /* CAIA 2 */
} u;
__be64 amr;
u8 reserved6[4];
__be64 wed;
} __packed;
/* just powernv - CAIA 1&2 */
struct cxl_process_element {
__be64 sr;
__be64 SPOffset;
union {
__be64 sdr; /* CAIA 1 */
u8 reserved1[8]; /* CAIA 2 */
} u;
__be64 haurp;
__be32 ctxtime;
__be16 ivte_offsets[4];
__be16 ivte_ranges[4];
__be32 lpid;
struct cxl_process_element_common common;
__be32 software_state;
} __packed;
static inline bool cxl_adapter_link_ok(struct cxl *cxl, struct cxl_afu *afu)
struct pci_dev *pdev;
if (cpu_has_feature(CPU_FTR_HVMODE)) {
pdev = to_pci_dev(cxl->dev.parent);
return !pci_channel_offline(pdev);
return true;
static inline void __iomem *_cxl_p1_addr(struct cxl *cxl, cxl_p1_reg_t reg)
return cxl->native->p1_mmio + cxl_reg_off(reg);
static inline void cxl_p1_write(struct cxl *cxl, cxl_p1_reg_t reg, u64 val)
if (likely(cxl_adapter_link_ok(cxl, NULL)))
out_be64(_cxl_p1_addr(cxl, reg), val);
static inline u64 cxl_p1_read(struct cxl *cxl, cxl_p1_reg_t reg)
if (likely(cxl_adapter_link_ok(cxl, NULL)))
return in_be64(_cxl_p1_addr(cxl, reg));
return ~0ULL;
static inline void __iomem *_cxl_p1n_addr(struct cxl_afu *afu, cxl_p1n_reg_t reg)
return afu->native->p1n_mmio + cxl_reg_off(reg);
static inline void cxl_p1n_write(struct cxl_afu *afu, cxl_p1n_reg_t reg, u64 val)
if (likely(cxl_adapter_link_ok(afu->adapter, afu)))
out_be64(_cxl_p1n_addr(afu, reg), val);
static inline u64 cxl_p1n_read(struct cxl_afu *afu, cxl_p1n_reg_t reg)
if (likely(cxl_adapter_link_ok(afu->adapter, afu)))
return in_be64(_cxl_p1n_addr(afu, reg));
return ~0ULL;
static inline void __iomem *_cxl_p2n_addr(struct cxl_afu *afu, cxl_p2n_reg_t reg)
return afu->p2n_mmio + cxl_reg_off(reg);
static inline void cxl_p2n_write(struct cxl_afu *afu, cxl_p2n_reg_t reg, u64 val)
if (likely(cxl_adapter_link_ok(afu->adapter, afu)))
out_be64(_cxl_p2n_addr(afu, reg), val);
static inline u64 cxl_p2n_read(struct cxl_afu *afu, cxl_p2n_reg_t reg)
if (likely(cxl_adapter_link_ok(afu->adapter, afu)))
return in_be64(_cxl_p2n_addr(afu, reg));
return ~0ULL;
static inline bool cxl_is_power8(void)
if ((pvr_version_is(PVR_POWER8E)) ||
(pvr_version_is(PVR_POWER8NVL)) ||
return true;
return false;
static inline bool cxl_is_power9(void)
if (pvr_version_is(PVR_POWER9))
return true;
return false;
ssize_t cxl_pci_afu_read_err_buffer(struct cxl_afu *afu, char *buf,
loff_t off, size_t count);
struct cxl_calls {
void (*cxl_slbia)(struct mm_struct *mm);
struct module *owner;
int register_cxl_calls(struct cxl_calls *calls);
void unregister_cxl_calls(struct cxl_calls *calls);
int cxl_update_properties(struct device_node *dn, struct property *new_prop);
void cxl_remove_adapter_nr(struct cxl *adapter);
void cxl_release_spa(struct cxl_afu *afu);
dev_t cxl_get_dev(void);
int cxl_file_init(void);
void cxl_file_exit(void);
int cxl_register_adapter(struct cxl *adapter);
int cxl_register_afu(struct cxl_afu *afu);
int cxl_chardev_d_afu_add(struct cxl_afu *afu);
int cxl_chardev_m_afu_add(struct cxl_afu *afu);
int cxl_chardev_s_afu_add(struct cxl_afu *afu);
void cxl_chardev_afu_remove(struct cxl_afu *afu);
void cxl_context_detach_all(struct cxl_afu *afu);
void cxl_context_free(struct cxl_context *ctx);
void cxl_context_detach(struct cxl_context *ctx);
int cxl_sysfs_adapter_add(struct cxl *adapter);
void cxl_sysfs_adapter_remove(struct cxl *adapter);
int cxl_sysfs_afu_add(struct cxl_afu *afu);
void cxl_sysfs_afu_remove(struct cxl_afu *afu);
int cxl_sysfs_afu_m_add(struct cxl_afu *afu);
void cxl_sysfs_afu_m_remove(struct cxl_afu *afu);
struct cxl *cxl_alloc_adapter(void);
struct cxl_afu *cxl_alloc_afu(struct cxl *adapter, int slice);
int cxl_afu_select_best_mode(struct cxl_afu *afu);
int cxl_native_register_psl_irq(struct cxl_afu *afu);
void cxl_native_release_psl_irq(struct cxl_afu *afu);
int cxl_native_register_psl_err_irq(struct cxl *adapter);
void cxl_native_release_psl_err_irq(struct cxl *adapter);
int cxl_native_register_serr_irq(struct cxl_afu *afu);
void cxl_native_release_serr_irq(struct cxl_afu *afu);
int afu_register_irqs(struct cxl_context *ctx, u32 count);
void afu_release_irqs(struct cxl_context *ctx, void *cookie);
void afu_irq_name_free(struct cxl_context *ctx);
int cxl_attach_afu_directed_psl9(struct cxl_context *ctx, u64 wed, u64 amr);
int cxl_attach_afu_directed_psl8(struct cxl_context *ctx, u64 wed, u64 amr);
int cxl_activate_dedicated_process_psl9(struct cxl_afu *afu);
int cxl_activate_dedicated_process_psl8(struct cxl_afu *afu);
int cxl_attach_dedicated_process_psl9(struct cxl_context *ctx, u64 wed, u64 amr);
int cxl_attach_dedicated_process_psl8(struct cxl_context *ctx, u64 wed, u64 amr);
void cxl_update_dedicated_ivtes_psl9(struct cxl_context *ctx);
void cxl_update_dedicated_ivtes_psl8(struct cxl_context *ctx);
int cxl_debugfs_init(void);
void cxl_debugfs_exit(void);
int cxl_debugfs_adapter_add(struct cxl *adapter);
void cxl_debugfs_adapter_remove(struct cxl *adapter);
int cxl_debugfs_afu_add(struct cxl_afu *afu);
void cxl_debugfs_afu_remove(struct cxl_afu *afu);
void cxl_debugfs_add_adapter_regs_psl9(struct cxl *adapter, struct dentry *dir);
void cxl_debugfs_add_adapter_regs_psl8(struct cxl *adapter, struct dentry *dir);
void cxl_debugfs_add_afu_regs_psl9(struct cxl_afu *afu, struct dentry *dir);
void cxl_debugfs_add_afu_regs_psl8(struct cxl_afu *afu, struct dentry *dir);
#else /* CONFIG_DEBUG_FS */
static inline int __init cxl_debugfs_init(void)
return 0;
static inline void cxl_debugfs_exit(void)
static inline int cxl_debugfs_adapter_add(struct cxl *adapter)
return 0;
static inline void cxl_debugfs_adapter_remove(struct cxl *adapter)
static inline int cxl_debugfs_afu_add(struct cxl_afu *afu)
return 0;
static inline void cxl_debugfs_afu_remove(struct cxl_afu *afu)
static inline void cxl_debugfs_add_adapter_regs_psl9(struct cxl *adapter,
struct dentry *dir)
static inline void cxl_debugfs_add_adapter_regs_psl8(struct cxl *adapter,
struct dentry *dir)
static inline void cxl_debugfs_add_afu_regs_psl9(struct cxl_afu *afu, struct dentry *dir)
static inline void cxl_debugfs_add_afu_regs_psl8(struct cxl_afu *afu, struct dentry *dir)
#endif /* CONFIG_DEBUG_FS */
void cxl_handle_fault(struct work_struct *work);
void cxl_prefault(struct cxl_context *ctx, u64 wed);
int cxl_handle_mm_fault(struct mm_struct *mm, u64 dsisr, u64 dar);
struct cxl *get_cxl_adapter(int num);
int cxl_alloc_sst(struct cxl_context *ctx);
void cxl_dump_debug_buffer(void *addr, size_t size);
void init_cxl_native(void);
struct cxl_context *cxl_context_alloc(void);
int cxl_context_init(struct cxl_context *ctx, struct cxl_afu *afu, bool master);
void cxl_context_set_mapping(struct cxl_context *ctx,
struct address_space *mapping);
void cxl_context_free(struct cxl_context *ctx);
int cxl_context_iomap(struct cxl_context *ctx, struct vm_area_struct *vma);
unsigned int cxl_map_irq(struct cxl *adapter, irq_hw_number_t hwirq,
irq_handler_t handler, void *cookie, const char *name);
void cxl_unmap_irq(unsigned int virq, void *cookie);
int __detach_context(struct cxl_context *ctx);
* This must match the layout of the H_COLLECT_CA_INT_INFO retbuf defined
* in PAPR.
* Field pid_tid is now 'reserved' because it's no more used on bare-metal.
* On a guest environment, PSL_PID_An is located on the upper 32 bits and
* PSL_TID_An register in the lower 32 bits.
struct cxl_irq_info {
u64 dsisr;
u64 dar;
u64 dsr;
u64 reserved;
u64 afu_err;
u64 errstat;
u64 proc_handle;
u64 padding[2]; /* to match the expected retbuf size for plpar_hcall9 */
void cxl_assign_psn_space(struct cxl_context *ctx);
int cxl_invalidate_all_psl9(struct cxl *adapter);
int cxl_invalidate_all_psl8(struct cxl *adapter);
irqreturn_t cxl_irq_psl9(int irq, struct cxl_context *ctx, struct cxl_irq_info *irq_info);
irqreturn_t cxl_irq_psl8(int irq, struct cxl_context *ctx, struct cxl_irq_info *irq_info);
irqreturn_t cxl_fail_irq_psl(struct cxl_afu *afu, struct cxl_irq_info *irq_info);
int cxl_register_one_irq(struct cxl *adapter, irq_handler_t handler,
void *cookie, irq_hw_number_t *dest_hwirq,
unsigned int *dest_virq, const char *name);
int cxl_check_error(struct cxl_afu *afu);
int cxl_afu_slbia(struct cxl_afu *afu);
int cxl_data_cache_flush(struct cxl *adapter);
int cxl_afu_disable(struct cxl_afu *afu);
int cxl_psl_purge(struct cxl_afu *afu);
int cxl_calc_capp_routing(struct pci_dev *dev, u64 *chipid,
u32 *phb_index, u64 *capp_unit_id);
int cxl_slot_is_switched(struct pci_dev *dev);
int cxl_get_xsl9_dsnctl(struct pci_dev *dev, u64 capp_unit_id, u64 *reg);
u64 cxl_calculate_sr(bool master, bool kernel, bool real_mode, bool p9);
void cxl_native_irq_dump_regs_psl9(struct cxl_context *ctx);
void cxl_native_irq_dump_regs_psl8(struct cxl_context *ctx);
void cxl_native_err_irq_dump_regs_psl8(struct cxl *adapter);
void cxl_native_err_irq_dump_regs_psl9(struct cxl *adapter);
int cxl_pci_vphb_add(struct cxl_afu *afu);
void cxl_pci_vphb_remove(struct cxl_afu *afu);
void cxl_release_mapping(struct cxl_context *ctx);
extern struct pci_driver cxl_pci_driver;
extern struct platform_driver cxl_of_driver;
int afu_allocate_irqs(struct cxl_context *ctx, u32 count);
int afu_open(struct inode *inode, struct file *file);
int afu_release(struct inode *inode, struct file *file);
long afu_ioctl(struct file *file, unsigned int cmd, unsigned long arg);
int afu_mmap(struct file *file, struct vm_area_struct *vm);
__poll_t afu_poll(struct file *file, struct poll_table_struct *poll);
ssize_t afu_read(struct file *file, char __user *buf, size_t count, loff_t *off);
extern const struct file_operations afu_fops;
struct cxl *cxl_guest_init_adapter(struct device_node *np, struct platform_device *dev);
void cxl_guest_remove_adapter(struct cxl *adapter);
int cxl_of_read_adapter_handle(struct cxl *adapter, struct device_node *np);
int cxl_of_read_adapter_properties(struct cxl *adapter, struct device_node *np);
ssize_t cxl_guest_read_adapter_vpd(struct cxl *adapter, void *buf, size_t len);
ssize_t cxl_guest_read_afu_vpd(struct cxl_afu *afu, void *buf, size_t len);
int cxl_guest_init_afu(struct cxl *adapter, int slice, struct device_node *afu_np);
void cxl_guest_remove_afu(struct cxl_afu *afu);
int cxl_of_read_afu_handle(struct cxl_afu *afu, struct device_node *afu_np);
int cxl_of_read_afu_properties(struct cxl_afu *afu, struct device_node *afu_np);
int cxl_guest_add_chardev(struct cxl *adapter);
void cxl_guest_remove_chardev(struct cxl *adapter);
void cxl_guest_reload_module(struct cxl *adapter);
int cxl_of_probe(struct platform_device *pdev);
struct cxl_backend_ops {
struct module *module;
int (*adapter_reset)(struct cxl *adapter);
int (*alloc_one_irq)(struct cxl *adapter);
void (*release_one_irq)(struct cxl *adapter, int hwirq);
int (*alloc_irq_ranges)(struct cxl_irq_ranges *irqs,
struct cxl *adapter, unsigned int num);
void (*release_irq_ranges)(struct cxl_irq_ranges *irqs,
struct cxl *adapter);
int (*setup_irq)(struct cxl *adapter, unsigned int hwirq,
unsigned int virq);
irqreturn_t (*handle_psl_slice_error)(struct cxl_context *ctx,
u64 dsisr, u64 errstat);
irqreturn_t (*psl_interrupt)(int irq, void *data);
int (*ack_irq)(struct cxl_context *ctx, u64 tfc, u64 psl_reset_mask);
void (*irq_wait)(struct cxl_context *ctx);
int (*attach_process)(struct cxl_context *ctx, bool kernel,
u64 wed, u64 amr);
int (*detach_process)(struct cxl_context *ctx);
void (*update_ivtes)(struct cxl_context *ctx);
bool (*support_attributes)(const char *attr_name, enum cxl_attrs type);
bool (*link_ok)(struct cxl *cxl, struct cxl_afu *afu);
void (*release_afu)(struct device *dev);
ssize_t (*afu_read_err_buffer)(struct cxl_afu *afu, char *buf,
loff_t off, size_t count);
int (*afu_check_and_enable)(struct cxl_afu *afu);
int (*afu_activate_mode)(struct cxl_afu *afu, int mode);
int (*afu_deactivate_mode)(struct cxl_afu *afu, int mode);
int (*afu_reset)(struct cxl_afu *afu);
int (*afu_cr_read8)(struct cxl_afu *afu, int cr_idx, u64 offset, u8 *val);
int (*afu_cr_read16)(struct cxl_afu *afu, int cr_idx, u64 offset, u16 *val);
int (*afu_cr_read32)(struct cxl_afu *afu, int cr_idx, u64 offset, u32 *val);
int (*afu_cr_read64)(struct cxl_afu *afu, int cr_idx, u64 offset, u64 *val);
int (*afu_cr_write8)(struct cxl_afu *afu, int cr_idx, u64 offset, u8 val);
int (*afu_cr_write16)(struct cxl_afu *afu, int cr_idx, u64 offset, u16 val);
int (*afu_cr_write32)(struct cxl_afu *afu, int cr_idx, u64 offset, u32 val);
ssize_t (*read_adapter_vpd)(struct cxl *adapter, void *buf, size_t count);
extern const struct cxl_backend_ops cxl_native_ops;
extern const struct cxl_backend_ops cxl_guest_ops;
extern const struct cxl_backend_ops *cxl_ops;
/* check if the given pci_dev is on the the cxl vphb bus */
bool cxl_pci_is_vphb_device(struct pci_dev *dev);
/* decode AFU error bits in the PSL register PSL_SERR_An */
void cxl_afu_decode_psl_serr(struct cxl_afu *afu, u64 serr);
* Increments the number of attached contexts on an adapter.
* In case an adapter_context_lock is taken the return -EBUSY.
int cxl_adapter_context_get(struct cxl *adapter);
/* Decrements the number of attached contexts on an adapter */
void cxl_adapter_context_put(struct cxl *adapter);
/* If no active contexts then prevents contexts from being attached */
int cxl_adapter_context_lock(struct cxl *adapter);
/* Unlock the contexts-lock if taken. Warn and force unlock otherwise */
void cxl_adapter_context_unlock(struct cxl *adapter);
/* Increases the reference count to "struct mm_struct" */
void cxl_context_mm_count_get(struct cxl_context *ctx);
/* Decrements the reference count to "struct mm_struct" */
void cxl_context_mm_count_put(struct cxl_context *ctx);