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What: /config/acpi
Date: July 2016
KernelVersion: 4.8
This represents the ACPI subsystem entry point directory. It
contains sub-groups corresponding to ACPI configurable options.
What: /config/acpi/table
Date: July 2016
KernelVersion: 4.8
This group contains the configuration for user defined ACPI
tables. The attributes of a user define table are:
aml - a binary attribute that the user can use to
fill in the ACPI aml definitions. Once the aml
data is written to this file and the file is
closed the table will be loaded and ACPI devices
will be enumerated. To check if the operation is
successful the user must check the error code
for close(). If the operation is successful,
subsequent writes to this attribute will fail.
The rest of the attributes are read-only and are valid only
after the table has been loaded by filling the aml entry:
signature - ASCII table signature
length - length of table in bytes, including the header
revision - ACPI Specification minor version number
oem_id - ASCII OEM identification
oem_table_id - ASCII OEM table identification
oem_revision - OEM revision number
asl_compiler_id - ASCII ASL compiler vendor ID
asl_compiler_revision - ASL compiler version