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Sample and benchmark scripts for pktgen (packet generator)
This directory contains some pktgen sample and benchmark scripts, that
can easily be copied and adjusted for your own use-case.
General doc is located in kernel: Documentation/networking/pktgen.txt
Helper include files
This directory contains two helper shell files, that can be "included"
by shell source'ing. Namely "" and "".
Common parameters
The file support easy and consistant parameter parsing
across the sample scripts. Usage example is printed on errors::
Usage: ./ [-vx] -i ethX
-i : ($DEV) output interface/device (required)
-s : ($PKT_SIZE) packet size
-d : ($DEST_IP) destination IP
-m : ($DST_MAC) destination MAC-addr
-t : ($THREADS) threads to start
-f : ($F_THREAD) index of first thread (zero indexed CPU number)
-c : ($SKB_CLONE) SKB clones send before alloc new SKB
-n : ($COUNT) num messages to send per thread, 0 means indefinitely
-b : ($BURST) HW level bursting of SKBs
-v : ($VERBOSE) verbose
-x : ($DEBUG) debug
The global variable being set is also listed. E.g. the required
interface/device parameter "-i" sets variable $DEV.
Common functions
The file provides; Three different shell functions for
configuring the different components of pktgen: pg_ctrl(), pg_thread()
and pg_set().
These functions correspond to pktgens different components.
* pg_ctrl() control "pgctrl" (/proc/net/pktgen/pgctrl)
* pg_thread() control the kernel threads and binding to devices
* pg_set() control setup of individual devices
See sample scripts for usage examples.