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* Copyright (C) 2014 Oleksij Rempel <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
#define ASM9260_NUM_IRQS 64
* this device provide 4 offsets for each register:
* 0x0 - plain read write mode
* 0x4 - set mode, OR logic.
* 0x8 - clr mode, XOR logic.
* 0xc - togle mode.
#define ASM9260_HW_ICOLL_VECTOR 0x0000
* bits 31:2
* This register presents the vector address for the interrupt currently
* active on the CPU IRQ input. Writing to this register notifies the
* interrupt collector that the interrupt service routine for the current
* interrupt has been entered.
* The exception trap should have a LDPC instruction from this address:
* LDPC ASM9260_HW_ICOLL_VECTOR_ADDR; IRQ exception at 0xffff0018
* The Interrupt Collector Level Acknowledge Register is used by software to
* indicate the completion of an interrupt on a specific level.
* This register is written at the very end of an interrupt service routine. If
* nesting is used then the CPU irq must be turned on before writing to this
* register to avoid a race condition in the CPU interrupt hardware.
#define ASM9260_HW_ICOLL_LEVELACK 0x0010
#define ASM9260_BM_LEVELn(nr) BIT(nr)
#define ASM9260_HW_ICOLL_CTRL 0x0020
* ASM9260_BM_CTRL_SFTRST and ASM9260_BM_CTRL_CLKGATE are not available on
* asm9260.
#define ASM9260_BM_CTRL_SFTRST BIT(31)
#define ASM9260_BM_CTRL_CLKGATE BIT(30)
/* disable interrupt level nesting */
#define ASM9260_BM_CTRL_NO_NESTING BIT(19)
* Set this bit to one enable the RISC32-style read side effect associated with
* the vector address register. In this mode, interrupt in-service is signaled
* by the read of the ASM9260_HW_ICOLL_VECTOR register to acquire the interrupt
* vector address. Set this bit to zero for normal operation, in which the ISR
* signals in-service explicitly by means of a write to the
* ASM9260_HW_ICOLL_VECTOR register.
* 0 - Must Write to Vector register to go in-service.
* 1 - Go in-service as a read side effect
#define ASM9260_BM_CTRL_ARM_RSE_MODE BIT(18)
#define ASM9260_BM_CTRL_IRQ_ENABLE BIT(16)
#define ASM9260_HW_ICOLL_STAT_OFFSET 0x0030
* bits 5:0
* Vector number of current interrupt. Multiply by 4 and add to vector base
* address to obtain the value in ASM9260_HW_ICOLL_VECTOR.
* RAW0 and RAW1 provides a read-only view of the raw interrupt request lines
* coming from various parts of the chip. Its purpose is to improve diagnostic
* observability.
#define ASM9260_HW_ICOLL_RAW0 0x0040
#define ASM9260_HW_ICOLL_RAW1 0x0050
#define ASM9260_HW_ICOLL_INTERRUPT0 0x0060
#define ASM9260_HW_ICOLL_INTERRUPTn(n) (0x0060 + ((n) >> 2) * 0x10)
* WARNING: Modifying the priority of an enabled interrupt may result in
* undefined behavior.
#define ASM9260_BM_INT_PRIORITY_MASK 0x3
#define ASM9260_BM_INT_ENABLE BIT(2)
#define ASM9260_BM_INT_SOFTIRQ BIT(3)
#define ASM9260_BM_ICOLL_INTERRUPTn_SHIFT(n) (((n) & 0x3) << 3)
#define ASM9260_BM_ICOLL_INTERRUPTn_ENABLE(n) (1 << (2 + \
#define ASM9260_HW_ICOLL_VBASE 0x0160
* bits 31:2
* This bitfield holds the upper 30 bits of the base address of the vector
* table.
#define ASM9260_HW_ICOLL_CLEAR0 0x01d0
#define ASM9260_HW_ICOLL_CLEAR1 0x01e0
#define ASM9260_HW_ICOLL_CLEARn(n) (((n >> 5) * 0x10) \
#define ASM9260_BM_CLEAR_BIT(n) BIT(n & 0x1f)
/* Scratchpad */
#define ASM9260_HW_ICOLL_UNDEF_VECTOR 0x01f0