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MMC tools introduction
There is one MMC test tools called mmc-utils, which is maintained by Chris Ball,
you can find it at the below public git repository:
The mmc-utils tools can do the following:
- Print and parse extcsd data.
- Determine the eMMC writeprotect status.
- Set the eMMC writeprotect status.
- Set the eMMC data sector size to 4KB by disabling emulation.
- Create general purpose partition.
- Enable the enhanced user area.
- Enable write reliability per partition.
- Print the response to STATUS_SEND (CMD13).
- Enable the boot partition.
- Set Boot Bus Conditions.
- Enable the eMMC BKOPS feature.
- Permanently enable the eMMC H/W Reset feature.
- Permanently disable the eMMC H/W Reset feature.
- Send Sanitize command.
- Program authentication key for the device.
- Counter value for the rpmb device will be read to stdout.
- Read from rpmb device to output.
- Write to rpmb device from data file.
- Enable the eMMC cache feature.
- Disable the eMMC cache feature.
- Print and parse CID data.
- Print and parse CSD data.
- Print and parse SCR data.