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* Renesas Clock Pulse Generator / Module Standby and Software Reset
* Copyright (C) 2015 Glider bvba
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; version 2 of the License.
* Definitions of CPG Core Clocks
* These include:
* - Clock outputs exported to DT
* - External input clocks
* - Internal CPG clocks
struct cpg_core_clk {
/* Common */
const char *name;
unsigned int id;
unsigned int type;
/* Depending on type */
unsigned int parent; /* Core Clocks only */
unsigned int div;
unsigned int mult;
unsigned int offset;
enum clk_types {
/* Generic */
CLK_TYPE_IN, /* External Clock Input */
CLK_TYPE_FF, /* Fixed Factor Clock */
CLK_TYPE_DIV6P1, /* DIV6 Clock with 1 parent clock */
CLK_TYPE_DIV6_RO, /* DIV6 Clock read only with extra divisor */
/* Custom definitions start here */
#define DEF_TYPE(_name, _id, _type...) \
{ .name = _name, .id = _id, .type = _type }
#define DEF_BASE(_name, _id, _type, _parent...) \
DEF_TYPE(_name, _id, _type, .parent = _parent)
#define DEF_INPUT(_name, _id) \
DEF_TYPE(_name, _id, CLK_TYPE_IN)
#define DEF_FIXED(_name, _id, _parent, _div, _mult) \
DEF_BASE(_name, _id, CLK_TYPE_FF, _parent, .div = _div, .mult = _mult)
#define DEF_DIV6P1(_name, _id, _parent, _offset) \
DEF_BASE(_name, _id, CLK_TYPE_DIV6P1, _parent, .offset = _offset)
#define DEF_DIV6_RO(_name, _id, _parent, _offset, _div) \
DEF_BASE(_name, _id, CLK_TYPE_DIV6_RO, _parent, .offset = _offset, .div = _div, .mult = 1)
* Definitions of Module Clocks
struct mssr_mod_clk {
const char *name;
unsigned int id;
unsigned int parent; /* Add MOD_CLK_BASE for Module Clocks */
/* Convert from sparse base-100 to packed index space */
#define MOD_CLK_PACK(x) ((x) - ((x) / 100) * (100 - 32))
#define DEF_MOD(_name, _mod, _parent...) \
{ .name = _name, .id = MOD_CLK_ID(_mod), .parent = _parent }
struct device_node;
* SoC-specific CPG/MSSR Description
* @core_clks: Array of Core Clock definitions
* @num_core_clks: Number of entries in core_clks[]
* @last_dt_core_clk: ID of the last Core Clock exported to DT
* @num_total_core_clks: Total number of Core Clocks (exported + internal)
* @mod_clks: Array of Module Clock definitions
* @num_mod_clks: Number of entries in mod_clks[]
* @num_hw_mod_clks: Number of Module Clocks supported by the hardware
* @crit_mod_clks: Array with Module Clock IDs of critical clocks that
* should not be disabled without a knowledgeable driver
* @num_crit_mod_clks: Number of entries in crit_mod_clks[]
* @core_pm_clks: Array with IDs of Core Clocks that are suitable for Power
* Management, in addition to Module Clocks
* @num_core_pm_clks: Number of entries in core_pm_clks[]
* @init: Optional callback to perform SoC-specific initialization
* @cpg_clk_register: Optional callback to handle special Core Clock types
struct cpg_mssr_info {
/* Core Clocks */
const struct cpg_core_clk *core_clks;
unsigned int num_core_clks;
unsigned int last_dt_core_clk;
unsigned int num_total_core_clks;
/* Module Clocks */
const struct mssr_mod_clk *mod_clks;
unsigned int num_mod_clks;
unsigned int num_hw_mod_clks;
/* Critical Module Clocks that should not be disabled */
const unsigned int *crit_mod_clks;
unsigned int num_crit_mod_clks;
/* Core Clocks suitable for PM, in addition to the Module Clocks */
const unsigned int *core_pm_clks;
unsigned int num_core_pm_clks;
/* Callbacks */
int (*init)(struct device *dev);
struct clk *(*cpg_clk_register)(struct device *dev,
const struct cpg_core_clk *core,
const struct cpg_mssr_info *info,
struct clk **clks, void __iomem *base,
struct raw_notifier_head *notifiers);
extern const struct cpg_mssr_info r8a7743_cpg_mssr_info;
extern const struct cpg_mssr_info r8a7745_cpg_mssr_info;
extern const struct cpg_mssr_info r8a77470_cpg_mssr_info;
extern const struct cpg_mssr_info r8a7790_cpg_mssr_info;
extern const struct cpg_mssr_info r8a7791_cpg_mssr_info;
extern const struct cpg_mssr_info r8a7792_cpg_mssr_info;
extern const struct cpg_mssr_info r8a7794_cpg_mssr_info;
extern const struct cpg_mssr_info r8a7795_cpg_mssr_info;
extern const struct cpg_mssr_info r8a7796_cpg_mssr_info;
extern const struct cpg_mssr_info r8a77965_cpg_mssr_info;
extern const struct cpg_mssr_info r8a77970_cpg_mssr_info;
extern const struct cpg_mssr_info r8a77980_cpg_mssr_info;
extern const struct cpg_mssr_info r8a77990_cpg_mssr_info;
extern const struct cpg_mssr_info r8a77995_cpg_mssr_info;
* Helpers for fixing up clock tables depending on SoC revision
struct mssr_mod_reparent {
unsigned int clk, parent;
extern void cpg_core_nullify_range(struct cpg_core_clk *core_clks,
unsigned int num_core_clks,
unsigned int first_clk,
unsigned int last_clk);
extern void mssr_mod_nullify(struct mssr_mod_clk *mod_clks,
unsigned int num_mod_clks,
const unsigned int *clks, unsigned int n);
extern void mssr_mod_reparent(struct mssr_mod_clk *mod_clks,
unsigned int num_mod_clks,
const struct mssr_mod_reparent *clks,
unsigned int n);