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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#ifndef __PERF_MAP_H
#define __PERF_MAP_H
#include <linux/refcount.h>
#include <linux/compiler.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/rbtree.h>
#include <pthread.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include "rwsem.h"
struct dso;
struct ip_callchain;
struct ref_reloc_sym;
struct map_groups;
struct machine;
struct perf_evsel;
struct map {
union {
struct rb_node rb_node;
struct list_head node;
u64 start;
u64 end;
bool erange_warned;
u32 priv;
u32 prot;
u32 flags;
u64 pgoff;
u64 reloc;
u32 maj, min; /* only valid for MMAP2 record */
u64 ino; /* only valid for MMAP2 record */
u64 ino_generation;/* only valid for MMAP2 record */
/* ip -> dso rip */
u64 (*map_ip)(struct map *, u64);
/* dso rip -> ip */
u64 (*unmap_ip)(struct map *, u64);
struct dso *dso;
struct map_groups *groups;
refcount_t refcnt;
#define KMAP_NAME_LEN 256
struct kmap {
struct ref_reloc_sym *ref_reloc_sym;
struct map_groups *kmaps;
char name[KMAP_NAME_LEN];
struct maps {
struct rb_root entries;
struct rw_semaphore lock;
struct map_groups {
struct maps maps;
struct machine *machine;
refcount_t refcnt;
struct map_groups *map_groups__new(struct machine *machine);
void map_groups__delete(struct map_groups *mg);
bool map_groups__empty(struct map_groups *mg);
static inline struct map_groups *map_groups__get(struct map_groups *mg)
if (mg)
return mg;
void map_groups__put(struct map_groups *mg);
struct kmap *__map__kmap(struct map *map);
struct kmap *map__kmap(struct map *map);
struct map_groups *map__kmaps(struct map *map);
static inline u64 map__map_ip(struct map *map, u64 ip)
return ip - map->start + map->pgoff;
static inline u64 map__unmap_ip(struct map *map, u64 ip)
return ip + map->start - map->pgoff;
static inline u64 identity__map_ip(struct map *map __maybe_unused, u64 ip)
return ip;
static inline size_t map__size(const struct map *map)
return map->end - map->start;
/* rip/ip <-> addr suitable for passing to `objdump --start-address=` */
u64 map__rip_2objdump(struct map *map, u64 rip);
/* objdump address -> memory address */
u64 map__objdump_2mem(struct map *map, u64 ip);
struct symbol;
struct thread;
/* map__for_each_symbol - iterate over the symbols in the given map
* @map: the 'struct map *' in which symbols itereated
* @pos: the 'struct symbol *' to use as a loop cursor
* @n: the 'struct rb_node *' to use as a temporary storage
* Note: caller must ensure map->dso is not NULL (map is loaded).
#define map__for_each_symbol(map, pos, n) \
dso__for_each_symbol(map->dso, pos, n)
/* map__for_each_symbol_with_name - iterate over the symbols in the given map
* that have the given name
* @map: the 'struct map *' in which symbols itereated
* @sym_name: the symbol name
* @pos: the 'struct symbol *' to use as a loop cursor
#define __map__for_each_symbol_by_name(map, sym_name, pos) \
for (pos = map__find_symbol_by_name(map, sym_name); \
pos && \
!symbol__match_symbol_name(pos->name, sym_name, \
pos = symbol__next_by_name(pos))
#define map__for_each_symbol_by_name(map, sym_name, pos) \
__map__for_each_symbol_by_name(map, sym_name, (pos))
void map__init(struct map *map,
u64 start, u64 end, u64 pgoff, struct dso *dso);
struct map *map__new(struct machine *machine, u64 start, u64 len,
u64 pgoff, u32 d_maj, u32 d_min, u64 ino,
u64 ino_gen, u32 prot, u32 flags,
char *filename, struct thread *thread);
struct map *map__new2(u64 start, struct dso *dso);
void map__delete(struct map *map);
struct map *map__clone(struct map *map);
static inline struct map *map__get(struct map *map)
if (map)
return map;
void map__put(struct map *map);
static inline void __map__zput(struct map **map)
*map = NULL;
#define map__zput(map) __map__zput(&map)
size_t map__fprintf(struct map *map, FILE *fp);
size_t map__fprintf_dsoname(struct map *map, FILE *fp);
char *map__srcline(struct map *map, u64 addr, struct symbol *sym);
int map__fprintf_srcline(struct map *map, u64 addr, const char *prefix,
FILE *fp);
int map__load(struct map *map);
struct symbol *map__find_symbol(struct map *map, u64 addr);
struct symbol *map__find_symbol_by_name(struct map *map, const char *name);
void map__fixup_start(struct map *map);
void map__fixup_end(struct map *map);
void map__reloc_vmlinux(struct map *map);
void maps__insert(struct maps *maps, struct map *map);
void maps__remove(struct maps *maps, struct map *map);
struct map *maps__find(struct maps *maps, u64 addr);
struct map *maps__first(struct maps *maps);
struct map *map__next(struct map *map);
struct symbol *maps__find_symbol_by_name(struct maps *maps, const char *name,
struct map **mapp);
void map_groups__init(struct map_groups *mg, struct machine *machine);
void map_groups__exit(struct map_groups *mg);
int map_groups__clone(struct thread *thread,
struct map_groups *parent);
size_t map_groups__fprintf(struct map_groups *mg, FILE *fp);
int map__set_kallsyms_ref_reloc_sym(struct map *map, const char *symbol_name,
u64 addr);
static inline void map_groups__insert(struct map_groups *mg, struct map *map)
maps__insert(&mg->maps, map);
map->groups = mg;
static inline void map_groups__remove(struct map_groups *mg, struct map *map)
maps__remove(&mg->maps, map);
static inline struct map *map_groups__find(struct map_groups *mg, u64 addr)
return maps__find(&mg->maps, addr);
struct map *map_groups__first(struct map_groups *mg);
static inline struct map *map_groups__next(struct map *map)
return map__next(map);
struct symbol *map_groups__find_symbol(struct map_groups *mg,
u64 addr, struct map **mapp);
struct symbol *map_groups__find_symbol_by_name(struct map_groups *mg,
const char *name,
struct map **mapp);
struct addr_map_symbol;
int map_groups__find_ams(struct addr_map_symbol *ams);
int map_groups__fixup_overlappings(struct map_groups *mg, struct map *map,
FILE *fp);
struct map *map_groups__find_by_name(struct map_groups *mg, const char *name);
bool __map__is_kernel(const struct map *map);
bool __map__is_extra_kernel_map(const struct map *map);
static inline bool __map__is_kmodule(const struct map *map)
return !__map__is_kernel(map) && !__map__is_extra_kernel_map(map);
bool map__has_symbols(const struct map *map);
#define ENTRY_TRAMPOLINE_NAME "__entry_SYSCALL_64_trampoline"
static inline bool is_entry_trampoline(const char *name)
return !strcmp(name, ENTRY_TRAMPOLINE_NAME);
#endif /* __PERF_MAP_H */